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Toronto City Officials Oppose Mayor Tory on the Legality of Dispensaries

The City of Toronto, the police, and dozens of dispensary owners across the Greater Toronto Area appear stuck in a costly game of cat and mouse where lawyers win billable hours, and patients lose safe and affordable access. While this political and social drama unfolds, the police continue to pursue criminal charges with little or no chance […] Thanks to

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Yoga and Marijuana: The Enlightening Combination

For those of us who have spent the time studying spirituality, meditation, yoga and various other hippy-dippy ways of being content in the moment, you know what these things can do to improve your quality of life considerably. If you also happen to be a marijuana enthusiast, then you are aware that it’s a whole […] Thanks to

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A Woman’s Place is in the Cannabis Industry

Like many unfortunate realities in society today, too much of the time women are highly underestimated by the private and public sectors. Their struggle continues for acceptance in various positions as they strive for equal rights in the workplace. To help level the playing field, some organizations offer assistance in finding quality employment, sparking entrepreneurship […] Thanks to

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Our Interview with Toronto Police on “Project Claudia” Raids Interviews the Toronto Police Any decent journalist will tell you that when reporting on a story, it’s important to remain as unbiased as possible, even when writing about situations you may disagree with or interviewing people who have a vastly different viewpoint of the topic at hand. Nevertheless, a story is only complete when […] Thanks to

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