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San Jose Hempcon 2012 Shows Diverse Marijuana Culture on Full Display

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Over the weekend reported on site from the floor of the San Jose Convention Center.  To no one’s surprise our community held another peaceful, fun, and educating event.  Hempcon appeared to be a very successful event, largely due to the patients, guest speakers, businesses, and educational organizations who were in attendance.

We would like to take this time to briefly touch on some of those who made the event a memorable one.  As always dispensaries were on hand to show off their quality medication.  Papadon’s had an excellent showing and patients were thrilled to try their XJ-13Aunt Zelda’s and Utopia Health Group provided excellent delivery services and were happy to talk about their businesses at Hempcon.  Patients and dispensary workers were excited to look up the strains they saw at Hempcon in our comprehensive strain database.  Singing Bird Family Farm brought their excellent honey products.  Building on their best product winners from the most recent Denver, Los Angeles, and Detroit Cannabis Cup’s, Mama P’s brought their quality grinders with them to Hempcon.  They’ll also be attending next week’s High Times Cannabis Cup in San Francisco as they look to win for best product again.

Those seeking information regarding the newest educational and legal developments were not disappointed by Hempcon.  There were firms such as Hallinan & Hallinan, who were on hand to discuss the newest legal developments with attendees.  We at found a very engaging audience eager to hear about some of the newest entries in our news and article section.  There were also guest speakers which included a great speech from Melissa Balin.

Getting together with fellow members of the medical marijuana community is always a memorable experience.  While we enjoyed Hempcon we are looking to carry that excitement over into this weekend’s 2012 High Times Medical Marijuana Cannabis Cup in San Francisco.  As always, we encourage you to come down and say hello.  Keep checking in as we will provide up to date info as next weekend unfolds.  You can check with us immediately after the Cup is over for a detailed listing of next weeks winners.

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For years the medical marijuana community has put together memorable events.  These gatherings are known for being peaceful and fun.  So far this weekend we at have noticed more of the same, which in this case is welcomed.

The 2012 San Jose Hempcon has been a success so far with many in attendance feeling that the crowds and popularity of the event have grown this year.    The diversity of those attending Hempcon is a testament to the greater marijuana community.  All walks of life have been represented as both younger and older patients  have come out for Hempcon.  The diversity can also be found in all of the different businesses and educational organizations that attended.  There were also great and informative presentations from a variety of people representing different aspects of the medical marijuana industry.

It has been exciting to talk to patients  and provide them with up to date information on’s strain library, the internet’s largest and most comprehensive strain database.  Patients were also eager to consult with our Strain Master in one on one consultation sessions.  After speaking with the strain master patients were able to identify their ideal medication.  As always our vaporizer raffle and spin wheel are popular.  We also had many engaging conversations regarding the newest political, legal , and social issues that are described in our daily articles and updates.

If you have not yet come to Hempcon and are able to make it to the San Jose Convention Center today please stop by and say hello to us.  We would love to thank the city of San Jose and those who organized Hempcon and the weekend’s festivities.  Check back with us this week as we go into further detail about many of the businesses and organizations that helped to make Hempcon a success.

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Medical Marijuana Industry News June 15, 2012

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Rhode Island Governor Signs Bill To Decriminalize Marijuana Possession…

Rhode Island will follow the momentum for reform that is taking that is going on northeast.  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has already proposed eliminating unintended marijuana arrests in New York’s controversial “Stop and Frisk” program.  That debate is sure to heated as Albany lawmakers are known for partisan politics.  Governor Lincoln Chafee is a step ahead of New York as he has just signed a bill that will decriminalize marijuana possession of less than one ounce.  Previously that amount would have resulted in a misdemeanor with possible jail time and a $500 fine.  Under the new law the penalty will be a civil citation and a $150 fine.  Minors would be required to complete a drug awareness program and community service.


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Medical Marijuana Bill Passes New York State Assembly but tough Road Ahead…

As mentioned above New York lawmakers will consider the Governor’s proposal to eliminate or amend the plain sight provision in the “Stop and Frisk” program which has become a loophole for law enforcement officials to arrest New Yorkers on serious marijuana charges.  In another development coming out of the Empire State legislators in the state’s assembly have passed a bill that would see New York join the growing number of states that permit medical marijuana.  However the bill appears to have a tough legislative road ahead of it.  Multiple medical marijuana bills have failed in New York state in the past.  The momentum seems to be gaining as more state lawmakers are joining the 80% of residents who feel a physician should have the right to prescribe medical marijuana.  Governor Cuomo has indicated that he would likely not sign the bill.  There is hope for the future for New York patients as the governor has amended his view considerably since his 2010 campaign.

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Imperial Beach Residents may get chance to Repeal Ban on Dispensaries…

Imperial Beach residents may get a chance to change what is considered the most restrictive marijuana laws in San Diego County.  Even those with medical licenses are not permitted to keep any cannabis plants.  There is a petition being circulated in Imperial Beach and so far the response has been very supportive of repealing the ban.  Over 15% of registered voters have signed the petition.  Eugene Davidovich of Americans for Safe Access (ASA) said “Strong regulations like the ones we’re proposing would keep medical cannabis away from children and schools, and create a safe means for those who are qualified, to have safe, reliable, local access to that medicine.”  He also went on to say . “At the same time, we’re taking into strong consideration the concerns of the neighborhood.”

For more click here Will be Attending the 2012 Hempcon in San Jose…

For those who plan on being in the San Jose area we encourage you to check out at Hempcon this weekend.  As always, we will be providing education on patient issues, new legal developments, and the future of cannabis in the United States and rest of the world.  We will even have our staff on hand who can provide advice on what strains are appropriate for individual.  The one on one session will result in a recommendation based on several criteria including ailments to be treated and desired effects.  We will also be continuing our popular vaporizer raffle which has been a success as many previous events.  Hope to see you there!


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Medicinal Marijuana Industry News Week of August 22, 2011 Logo for 260x120 Ad Space

Cannabis Science, Corporation. (Ticker Symbol CBIS) estimations the purchase of medicinal marijuana in america will achieve $1.9 billion this year.  Located in Colorado, Colorado, Cannabis Science is really a developer and output of medical cannabis items. * * * As the US media is frequently unwilling to set of the pricey fight against drugs, foreign reporters don’t have any such fear.  Aljazeera British has a number of in-depth shows around the ongoing war and it is mounting costs.    Highlight:  Mexican government bodies estimate which more than 35,000 ordinary people happen to be wiped out within the 5 years because the attack on cartels started.   And also the violence is distributing. * * * Hempcon returns to La.  For that 2nd time this season, the convention center located the medicinal marijuana trade event.  Popular features of the show incorporated workshops on:  how you can open and operate a dispensary, cooking with cannabis, and Hollywood and marijuana.  Although marijuana wasn’t offered at the show, patients might be examined with a professional for his or her certificate.  For a lot of, the highlight from the show was meeting medicinal marijuana pioneer Richard W. Eastman. &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

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