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Governor Jan Brewer

McCain’s Change on Marijuana Helps Him Cope With Otherwise Difficult Town Hall Meeting

Mccain town hall

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) established fact for a lot of reasons.  Besides his service throughout Vietnam and winning the Republican nomination for leader in 2008, town hall conferences will also be famous.  The very long time Senator continues to have conversations using the people directly.  This readiness to have interaction with voters inside a more intimate setting saved a presidential campaign which was basically dead and out if money in early stages from the 2008 election.

A current town hall session made more than ever before head lines.  Senator McCain received an earful from many attending for his support of military action on Syria.  The majority if People in america are against military action with Arizona citizens being exactly the same.  In the event, Mr. McCain guaranteed there’d be not a  “single American boot on the floor.”  Some attending strongly voiced their opinion the promise wasn’t enough to aid military action in Syria.  Senator McCain might have pleased individuals with his take on another problem.  While talking about marijuana he transformed his past tune and individuals in the town hall that “maybe marijuana needs to be legalized.”  Also, he continued to state he respects “the will of those.Inches

Arizona already supervises a medicinal marijuana program.  Despite efforts by Governor Jan Maker to obstruct and halt the Arizona medicinal marijuana program, citizens have supported a contemporary method of marijuana for several years.  Fortunately Senator McCain’s alternation in tone on marijuana might have assisted him pacify some.  The situation highlights how American’s sights have transformed significantly within the last couple of years.   Supporting marijuana legalisation appeared is the positive story from news reviews from the town hall.  The planet is really a different place when supporting marijuana legalisation may have the ability to have an chosen official off the new chair.

Megan McCain, daughter from the Senator has accepted smoking previously and it has voiced support for legalisation.  Perhaps Mr. McCain has gotten some insight from his daughter.  He happens to be referred to as a family guy.  It will likely be interesting to ascertain if the longtime Senator’s change of heart encourages more competitors to complete exactly the same.

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Arizona Authorities Lose Another Challenge to State Medical Marijuana Program


Arizona authorities such as Sheriff Joe and Governor Jan Brewer find themselves under the spotlight frequently, though not always in the way they would like.  Arizona is developing quite the reputation for creating divisive law (banning ethnic study classes, requiring police officers to use profiling to seek out illegal immigrants).  Fighting progress tends to be a losing battle

They have also been challenging the will of the people regularly.  In the case of the state’s medical marijuana program, many high profile lawmakers, including Governor Brewer, have tried hard to reverse a law that was passed by a majority of Arizona residents.  The most recent attempt made its way to the Arizona courts.

Last week, Judge Michael Gordon of Maricopa County Superior Court ruled in favor of Arizona’s medical marijuana law.  The case evolved from a dispensary zoning issue into a larger debate of whether or not Arizona’s medical marijuana law is defeated by federal law.  In his decision, Judge Gordon said “This court will not rule that Arizona, having sided with the ever-growing minority of states and having limited it to medical use, has violated public policy.”  He also went on to say “No one can argue that the federal government’s ability to enforce the (Controlled Substances Act) is impaired to the slightest degree.”

To no surprise Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery have vowed to appeal the ruling.  It seems that certain Arizona lawmakers may not quick learners.  Only days after the decision to uphold the Arizona medical marijuana law, the state’s first dispensary opened in Glendale.  It appears progress is winning.

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Arizona Continues Crusade Against State Residents

arizona arresting residents

It is truly a shame when a disagreement cannot be worked out and the only discourse to solve a problem is within the confines of a stuffy courtroom.  Unfortunately, we see it every day as families are unable to come to an agreement and take their affairs before a judge.  A similar situation is going on in Arizona, as once again disputes between a lawmakers and medical marijuana patients.

Although Arizona’s medical marijuana program was voted on and approved by residents, Governor Jan Brewer and other officials have directly challenged the will of the people.  After an embarrassing court showing the Governor dropped her most recent lawsuit against the people of her state.  However, there still has been echoing voices in the background of Arizona’s government to keep up the fight against its own sick residents.

While the Governor has been staying somewhat silent on the issue recently, apparently her police officers have taken the ball and started running.  In a raid of state legal medical marijuana patient Charise Voss Arfa’s home, police seized a tincture bottle.  After taking the bottle police charged her with a felony narcotics arrest, even as marijuana and its tincture extracts are supposed to be covered in the state’s medical marijuana laws.  Now the state will have to deal with a lawsuit challenging the legality of the arrest.

Many critics are upset about the recent direction of Arizona law, especially as officers have not proved their competency.    Arizona is known some “unique” laws that range from the silly, to the absurd (click here for a list).  However, in recent years they are also known for passing laws that create tension and division within its residents, most notably the law that requires residents to “show me your papers” should they match a particular profile.  Additionally these new directives are placing officers out of their comfort zone.  They are trying to uphold the marijuana laws but are not familiar with a tincture.  The immigration laws obviously lend themselves to even more problems as officers must make a determination on the fly based only on physical observation.

While this kind of political grandstanding may help to motivate political bases, it is extremely short sighted.  The electorate has changed and this can clearly be seen in this year’s U.S. Senate race.  In a state that traditionally elects Republican candidates, Democratic challenger Richard Carmona looks to have a very realistic chance of winning the Senate seat.  While old guard tries to wring the people dry through infringing on civil rights and turning to the courts, a new generation of patients, non whites, and the compassionate will remember, like any scorned family member, that officials choose the courts over listening to the will of the people.

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Marijuana Updates Across the Country

american flag

With the federal government’s refusal to reclassify marijuana, medical cannabis progression has been achieved state by state.  Most states have with medical marijuana programs are the result of  ballot initiatives and efforts of local residents as state policy makers are unwilling to disobey federal law.  The birth of modern medical marijuana got off to a bumpy start, and there may yet be future setbacks.  However, in a country that cannot agree on much, it appears we are coming together over compassion, relief, and the law.

In Maine we recently learned of a story that shows how important it is to regulate cannabis and not turn a blind eye .  Glenn W. Martin, a marijuana grower, used to illegally sell his crop to customers in New York and Boston.  He has struggled, like many, with rising cost of living and had trouble paying his rising property taxes.  Now that Maine has altered their laws, he is allowed to sell to patients and no longer has to hide his skills and the industry that he excels in.  Last week Martin said  “I’m focusing on how to make a high-quality product,’’ and It’s one of the best things to happen in our area.”

Moving across the country, there has been great news coming out of Arizona.  Residents of the state passed a marijuana program about two years ago.  However, Governor Jan Brewer and other state officials made every effort they could to derail the program.  Having realized that ultimately the state has little choice but to allow the program to operate, there has been a different tone lately.  The governor recently rejected formal letters by 13 county lawyers to stop the program.  Ms. Brewer stated that she could not do so and was bound to the resident passed law.  It now appears that dispensaries should be operating relatively soon.  The town of Gilbert has started things off and is expected to hold a lottery to determine which dispensary applicants will be granted permission to start operating.  Six potential dispensaries will be keeping their fingers crossed and hope that their name is on one of the two selected lottery balls drawn.  Gilbert has 900 qualified medical marijuana cardholders and overall Arizona has 30,000 approved patients.

It may have taken some time but Arizona finally appears ready to abide by the wishes of its residents.  On the side of the country Maine is showing a progressive approach to 40 years of failed laws and is starting to allow a necessary industry from operating in the shadows.  Maine and Arizona are on opposite sides of the political spectrum but are showing that relief and compassion has little to do with blue vs. red states.

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Medical Marijuana Industry News August 3, 2012

federal raids

Federal Crackdown on Dispensaries Continues in San Francisco…

There does not appear to be any end in sight for federal raids targeting marijuana dispensaries.  Attorney General Eric Holder has reiterated that they will not use federal resources to go after law abiding collectives, however that statement no longer appears true.  Without any evidence of wrongdoing, federal authorities announced their intention to shut down the iconic and world’s largest marijuana dispensary, Harborside Health Center.  This week we learned that two prominent San Francisco collectives, Vapor Room and Hope Net would also be forced to shut their doors.  HopeNet Co-founder Catherine Smith said, “The Justice Department sent our landlord one of those nasty letters.  So this is our D-Day, we have to leave.”  Ray Chico who operates the popular jar company Doob Tubes, said the dispensary closings are hurting more than just patients and collective employees.  He noticed his business also take a turn for the worse and has been forced to let go of staff.


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Michigan Court of Appeals Rules Cities Cannot Ban Marijuana Dispensaries…

Recently California’s 2nd Circuit of Appeals ruled that cities cannot outlaw marijuana dispensaries.  The Los Angeles City Council seemed undeterred by this and went forward with what may be considered an illegal ban on dispensaries.  Michigan courts have now issued a similar ruling.  In the city of Wyoming Michigan an ordinance was passed that outlawed collectives.   John Ter Beek of Wyoming Michigan filed a suit in 2010 challenging the ban, and the ACLU also joined the suit. Michigan’s appellate court ruled that a local ordinace does not overrule a state law.  In this case since medical marijuana is protected on a state level, local municipalities cannot enact laws that conflict with state laws and outlaw dispensaries.  Dan Korobkin of the ACLU was pleased with the ruling and said “In 2008, people across the state overwhelmingly voted to protect patients who use marijuana to treat their medical conditions from punishment and penalty.”


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Arizona Asked to Expand Medical Marijuana Program…

Arizona’s medical marijuana program got off to a rocky start and was delayed by two years after being passed by a vote of the people.  There are still calls by opponents of medical marijuana for Governor Jan Brewer to end the program.  Ms. Brewer did not have her most triumphant political moment in court and was chided by a federal judge for the way they handled the situation.  However, as the Governor has received a great deal of criticism by marijuana advocates, they may be praising her today.  Thirteen county attorney’s in Arizona drafted a letter formally requesting that Governor Brewer halt the medical marijuana program.  She has rejected the request and wrote a response letter where she said “I am duty-bound to implement the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, and my agency will do so unless and until I am instructed otherwise.”  Patients will be pleased to hear this as the it ultimately is the responsibility of elected officials to carry out the will of the people, even if they do not agree with a situation on a personal level.


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Activists Urging Costa Mesa Voters to Lift Medical Marijuana Ban…

Advocates of medical marijuana submitted close to 6,800 signatures in an effort to get an initiative on the ballot to legalize non-profit medical marijuana collectives.  Dispensary owner Robert Martinez said “It’s imperative to provide safe access for veterans and cancer patients.  I’m super stoked to bring these signatures.”  The number of signatures is 1,000 more than the 5,812 required signatures which represents 10% of the Costa Mesa population.  However, often many signatures are invalidated during ballot initiatives and if the effort requires more signatures activists will only have until August 10 if they wish to have the issue placed before voters this November.

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Arizona Gives Cold Shoulder to Returning Veterans

arizonaWhile it is usually a difficult time to be a veteran integrating back into civilian life, last week was especially difficult.  First the White House denied a petition to allow PTSD to be legally treated with marijuana.  The petition was signed by thousands of war veterans though the White House maintains there is not enough …continue reading

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Legal Updates On Medical Marijuana

legal updates is hopeful that everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend.  Getting together with friends and family is always important, as is remembering those who have fought hard for our freedom, and those who are less fortunate.  We would like to take this time to mention some of the legal updates that came to light toward the end of last week, over the weekend and yesterday.

While North Dakota is often more recognized for the Coen Brother’s classic film “Fargo”, marijuana activists are trying to have the state join a very high profile group.  Activists are attempting to run a ballot initiative, which would see North Dakota become the 18th state to permit marijuana use for patients.  State Rep. Steve Zaiser (D-Fargo), is chairman of the campaign and recently stated “Marijuana has proven that it has helped people, and doctors will testify to that effect, I don’t want any more North Dakotans to suffer unnecessarily.”  The initiative was submitted to Secretary of State Al Jaeger last week.  There will have to be 13,452 signatures collected from eligible voters in North Dakota in order for the issue to come to a vote in November.

We also learned about some good news coming out of Arizona.  Unfortunately, Arizona often provides negative or legally baffling news, however we are pleased to see that after a tumultuous start the medical marijuana program there is looking to help even more patients.  The law passed in 2010 actually requires that the Department of Health Services officially considers requests to expand the programs coverage.  The law may soon allow medical cannabis to be used for migraines and PTSD.  Other states, such as Colorado have declined to expand their programs for PTSD.  However, as more studies and testimonials are revealed that show PTSD symptoms being aided by cannabis, the momentum seems to be mounting.

Arizona and Governor Jan Brewer has taken a great deal of political heat over the past few years.  Thankfully, their medical marijuana laws are more progressive than other states in certain areas.  Our duty to provide compassion to one another is taking a deeper hold on us than our blue and red politics.  Relief is unaware of what side of the political aisle it sits on.  Only a few years ago many would have laughed at the prospect of medical marijuana in North Dakota.  It is not clear if the law will pass there (voters in South Dakota have previously voted down the issue previously) but it seems no longer possible to assume that any state will just downright dismiss marijuana reform.

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Medicinal Marijuana Industry News Feb 10, 2012

jersey shore

New  Jersey Collective Seems to possess Removed Final Hurdle





New Jersey appears prepared to finally be ready to open its first marijuana collective.  State legislators approved medical utilization of marijuana over two years back.  Individuals trying to open collectives happen to be met by many people legal hurdles.  Most lately the delays happen to be over local zoning permits .  New Jersey’s townships happen to be unwilling to grant the permits keeping this program grounded .  They’ve released a permit towards the Compassionate Care Foundation.  The foundation’s Boss William J. Thomas stated “This continues to be hard. I have really experienced hell it.Inch


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Arizona Passes Law To Prohibit Medicinal Marijuana on College Grounds



Another condition which has observed its great amount of delays with their medicinal marijuana program is Arizona.  Once we have recorded before, Arizona passed legislation for medicinal marijuana using a ballot initiative chosen on through the state’s citizens.  However, Governor Jan Maker then challenged what the law states unsuccessfully in the court.  As the prospects of the completely functional program appear likely for that summer time, up to now no patients happen to be offered.  A brand new bill passed will restrict the privileges of scholars to possess medicinal marijuana on campus even when they’re legitimate consumers.  House Bill 2349, that was backed by Repetition. Amanda Reeve, (R-Phoenix) helps make the having marijuana around the property associated with a educational institution not permitted.  The balance appears particularly targeted at ensuring students who receive Federal Pell grants or loans aren’t being specific by police force.

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Police Force Agents Believe Current Marijuana Enforcement Encourage Crooks


Two top Federal police force agents think that the Mexican drug cartel and also the gang centered the marijuana market in Canada and also have been embolden by U.S. marijuana laws and regulations.  Charles Mandigo that has been an element of the FBI for 27 years, and it has offered because the mind from the Dallas office stated “It may be the money, not the drug, that drives these cartels and gangs.”  John McKay, an old U.S. attorney for that condition of Washington agreed and mentioned that “Criminal enforcement of marijuana doesn’t work,” McKay contended.  It “creates a massive flow of cash to worldwide drug cartels, crooks and thugs.”  These claims were created in a hearing for proposition 502, which may legalize and regulate marijuana much like alcohol if passed.  There appears to become considerable momentum for that passing of proposition 502, which may make Washington Condition the first one to legalize marijuana for private use.

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High Occasions Medical Cannabis Cup in LA a few days ago


Below is a few quick information on this weekend’s event.  Benefit from the first class competition and are available greet marijuana.internet if you notice us.

Event: HIGH Occasions Medical Cannabis Cup – La, 2/11/12

Date: Saturday, Feb 11, 2012 at 12:00 PM – Sunday, Feb 12, 2012 at 9:00 PM (PT)

La Center Galleries
451 South Beaudry Ave
La, CA 90017

To learn more click the link

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Arizona Governor Jan Maker told to obtain from the Fence on Medicinal Marijuana Problem


The title want to know , states quite a bit concerning the condition of yankee politics.  Arizona, who is known recently to enact questionable legislation, finds itself in the center of another fight between condition and federal law.  This past year Arizona approved Proposition 203, making medicinal marijuana use legal for individuals with being approved health problems.

Up to now, no patients have obtained any medical cannabis as experts have accused Governor Jan Maker of dragging her ft.  In May of 2011, Ms. Maker filed a suit using the Department of Justice in an effort to block the outlet of 100 shops.  Experts have accused the Governor of supplying conflicting claims whether or otherwise she supports Proposition 203.  U.S. District Court Judge Susan Bolton agreed and told Governor “That’s how legal cases work, “the complaintant requires a position.”  Justice Bolton also added “I am accustomed to getting the complaintant in opposition to the defendant,” and “You need to advocate for either, and you are not promoting for either.”  Bolton has made the decision to obstruct her ultimate decision before the condition takes the official position.  Governor Maker has stated she’s attempting to determine whether condition employees could be liable under federal law when the medicinal marijuana program progresses.

There has been many choices showing up in the tumble clean in our 24-hour news cycle that seem to be politically motivated.  In the debt debacle (2x now), campaigns for 2012 and Governor Jan Maker, we view a lot political posturing leading to precious legislative time lost.  Ms. Maker clearly doesn’t support medicinal marijuana but finds herself within an uncomfortable situation because the ballot initiative labored and clearly has got the support with a minimum of half her condition.  Proposition 203 is becoming law and despite exactly what the Governor thinks personally, it’s her duty to determine what the law states completed.  The fallout from proposition 203 has triggered some political experts also to question certainly one of Jan Brewer’s cornerstone positions.

Maker has championed the questionable Arizona Senate Bill 1070, a change from the states immigration law that needs cops to find out a person’s residency status if there’s reason to think they’re illegal aliens.  Many have cautioned about racial profiling caused by this legislation.  She mentioned that they thinks in condition privileges even when they’re going against federal law.  This appears to place her inside a conflicting position.  Governor Maker brought the charge if this found rallying against Federal immigration law.  However, her claim of supporting condition laws and regulations is nowhere found as she seeks the aid of the us government to explain if she will support condition law for Arizona’s medicinal marijuana program.  Is she also concerned about her cops being charged with repel Federal law while profiling immigrants?  Obviously at this time, as U.S. Justice Bolton has came to the conclusion, we actually only need her administration to face behind the right podium within the court docket.

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