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Arizona Gives Cold Shoulder to Returning Veterans

arizonaWhile it is usually a difficult time to be a veteran integrating back into civilian life, last week was especially difficult.  First the White House denied a petition to allow PTSD to be legally treated with marijuana.  The petition was signed by thousands of war veterans though the White House maintains there is not enough …continue reading

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memorial day


Most of us enjoy our barbecues and three day holiday weekends.  However, it often seems we can lose track of exactly why we have fired up the grill and cracked those cans of beer open.  The first (and often most fun) of the summer national holidays is here and would like to take this time to do what was initially intended.

Memorial Day was created in order to remember the Union troops during the American Civil War and was originally known as Decoration Day.  While Confederates also had their own day for their soldiers, eventually it would all be combined for a federally recognized national holiday honoring all of America’s fallen troops.  With the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan still ongoing, as well as other military operations, we feel it is important that we take the time to think about all of those men and women away from home.

While we need to acknowledge our soldiers who gave their lives, some have returned from war still having paid too high a price.  We have spoken to so many returning soldiers who gladly gave everything they had only to return home to a social landscape that prevents them from seeking relief.  Cannabis has demonstrated a wonderful potential to alleviate returning soldier’s PTSD symptoms.  Reintegrating back into the society they sought to protect is not always easy and everything should be done to make their transition as easy as possible.  We also want to bring patient awareness as many can only enjoy the holiday fun because of marijuana’s ability to reduce pain and improve their quality of life.  Some can enjoy today’s barbecue because their nausea has dissipated while others may throw the baseball around because their joint pain has subsided.

Unfortunately, in this country patients are often engulfed in their own war.  As government refuses to respect state laws, patients often have to fight social stigmas, and closing dispensaries in their war for safe access.  Memorial Day was set up to remember soldiers, but we would like to expand that to anyone who is sick or struggling, as not all wars are fought with firearms.  Memorial Day has always been about solemn reflection and while it is absolutely appropriate to have some fun this weekend  we feel that the true spirit may have gotten lost in a sea of hopps, barley, and chicken wings.  We just ask that everyone take a second and raise the beer they are already holding up high, and make a toast to think of our returning soldiers, our elderly, our patients, and each other.

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Medicinal Marijuana For Post traumatic stress disorder Treatment


A persons psyche is delicate and it is frequently influenced deeply by distressing occasions. We reside in a world where daily occasions can push the tolerance of the items the brain can effectively handle. Experts estimate that approximately 7 to eightPercent of People in america will cope with publish-distressing stress disorder (Post traumatic stress disorder) within their lives.

Research released within the Journal of Neuroscience discovered that an artificial cannabinoid much like THC can prevent stress-caused Post traumatic stress disorder in rats. The research was carried out by Dr. Irit Akirav who mentioned, “The outcomes of our research should encourage psychological analysis into using cannabinoids in publish-distressing stress patients.” Clearly, testing on human behavior will have to be carried out, however the foundation and rationale for future scientific studies are now here.

Coming back soldiers typically are afflicted by Post traumatic stress disorder for apparent reasons. A current article on world wide describes Jimmy Raines, a soldier who found marijuana is the only effective help with dealing with his Post traumatic stress disorder. Raines isn’t unique in the declare that cannabis helps Post traumatic stress disorder, as other soldiers have reported similar encounters. When soldiers get home they frequently have a problem reassimilating into American culture. Finding and looking after employment can be quite difficult, particularly if Post traumatic stress disorder is a concern. If there’s any possibility of supplying soldiers with an inexpensive treatment with virtually no unwanted effects, then any link between Post traumatic stress disorder and marijuana ought to be analyzed.

Regrettably, military conflicts won’t be disappearing in the near future. The U . s . States alone is involved with three major conflicts which leaves 1000’s of yankee soldiers prone to Post traumatic stress disorder. The U . s . States along with other nations must accept this fact and do more when it comes to aiding coming back soldiers. Furthermore, you will find millions of  others who are suffering out of this problem also seeking relief, making the requirement for action that rather more important.

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Medicine.internet Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (Post traumatic stress disorder)

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