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Arizona Gives Cold Shoulder to Returning Veterans

arizonaWhile it is usually a difficult time to be a veteran integrating back into civilian life, last week was especially difficult.  First the White House denied a petition to allow PTSD to be legally treated with marijuana.  The petition was signed by thousands of war veterans though the White House maintains there is not enough …continue reading

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2 Responses to “Arizona Gives Cold Shoulder to Returning Veterans”

  • Viictor says:

    1. BRING A PREVIOUS PRESCRIPTION OF A MEDICATION FOR A CHRONIC ILLNESS IF YOU HAVE ONE!Anything for depression, pain, ahtmsa, etc. If you don’t have it, then state something that would be hard for him to argue against (like sleep issues). I’d say half the doctors will refer you to a secondary person before giving you any recommendations IF you do not have a previous scription for a recent illness.2. Mention that you heard about it’s benefits and tried it, and had been using off and on for a while and want to go legal’.With those two, you have very high chances of succeeding

  • Hari says:

    They spend so much money trying to pernevt the use of marijuana but people are going to illegally use it anyways. No matter how many people are busted, hundreds of thousands are going to have it anyways. Our population is growing exponentially, well, so are the number of people using marijuana. We’d spend less money on incarcerating marijuana users, who, in terms of everything else going on in this world, aren’t really criminals at all. They aren’t killers, they’re not meth users, they’re not thieves, and they’re definitely not terrorists. I think our government isn’t up to date with the generations. Back home, pretty much everyone I know is a pot smoker! And by no means are any of these people POTHEADS. Some are A+ students in school, some hold EXCELLENT jobs, and none are involved in serious trafficking of marijuana. Throughout high school, most kids did it, and even parents I know do! And let me say, all of these people are one of a kind. They’re loving and have wonderful families and are great people! I find it ridiculous that marijuana is considered such a serious crime! When it comes to the SERIOUS crimes, a man was able to walk out of the court room after serving no time for sexually assaulting children! What is wrong with the government? Doesn’t this stuff click in their heads???It seems that the government is afraid of legalizing something that is a drug’ because, of course, drugs aren’t good for anybody!! And by no means should drugs such as meth or ecstasy be legalized, but I think it’s time to really focus on the benefits of marijuana. The government is missing out on BIG $$$$$$$$ and we’re all paying for it. For every marijuana user they throw in jail, we all know that us taxpayers are paying for it. I think it’s time for the government to use their brains and analyze marijuana in depth, rather than holding a grudge just because it’s labeled as a drug.

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