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Arizona Continues Crusade Against State Residents

arizona arresting residents

It is truly a shame when a disagreement cannot be worked out and the only discourse to solve a problem is within the confines of a stuffy courtroom.  Unfortunately, we see it every day as families are unable to come to an agreement and take their affairs before a judge.  A similar situation is going on in Arizona, as once again disputes between a lawmakers and medical marijuana patients.

Although Arizona’s medical marijuana program was voted on and approved by residents, Governor Jan Brewer and other officials have directly challenged the will of the people.  After an embarrassing court showing the Governor dropped her most recent lawsuit against the people of her state.  However, there still has been echoing voices in the background of Arizona’s government to keep up the fight against its own sick residents.

While the Governor has been staying somewhat silent on the issue recently, apparently her police officers have taken the ball and started running.  In a raid of state legal medical marijuana patient Charise Voss Arfa’s home, police seized a tincture bottle.  After taking the bottle police charged her with a felony narcotics arrest, even as marijuana and its tincture extracts are supposed to be covered in the state’s medical marijuana laws.  Now the state will have to deal with a lawsuit challenging the legality of the arrest.

Many critics are upset about the recent direction of Arizona law, especially as officers have not proved their competency.    Arizona is known some “unique” laws that range from the silly, to the absurd (click here for a list).  However, in recent years they are also known for passing laws that create tension and division within its residents, most notably the law that requires residents to “show me your papers” should they match a particular profile.  Additionally these new directives are placing officers out of their comfort zone.  They are trying to uphold the marijuana laws but are not familiar with a tincture.  The immigration laws obviously lend themselves to even more problems as officers must make a determination on the fly based only on physical observation.

While this kind of political grandstanding may help to motivate political bases, it is extremely short sighted.  The electorate has changed and this can clearly be seen in this year’s U.S. Senate race.  In a state that traditionally elects Republican candidates, Democratic challenger Richard Carmona looks to have a very realistic chance of winning the Senate seat.  While old guard tries to wring the people dry through infringing on civil rights and turning to the courts, a new generation of patients, non whites, and the compassionate will remember, like any scorned family member, that officials choose the courts over listening to the will of the people.

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