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Virginia Gov Caught Smiling Suspiciously Close to Willie Nelson’s Weed

Over the weekend, the state of Virginia played host to the 31st annual Farm Aid charity concert, an event that has grown exponentially in size and scope from the time of its inception 31 years ago. Since Willie Nelson, Neil Young and John Mellencamp founded Farm Aid in 1985, the benefit concert has raised over […] Thanks to

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Is Marijuana the brand new Winning Political Problem?

election victory

In America’s polarized political landscape, most issues divide us right lower the center.  Oddly enough, one problem accustomed to sink candidates before becoming polarizing, and it is now being a political slam dunk.  In many states, medical, leisure, or decriminalization appear to become dictating large areas of campaigns.

The latest example originates from Maryland, where citizens have supported medicinal marijuana for a long time.   Now Louise Mizeur, a County delegate for Montgomery want to see marijuana legalized. Ms. Mizeur intentions of attempting to end up being the next governor and could have lots of competition to secure the Democratic nomination for next years election.

The program allows citizens 21 years old and also over could possess as much as one ounce of marijuana.  Smoking in public places and drugged driving would remain illegal.  Mizeur thinks a legitimate marijuana model could yield 157.5 million in new tax revenues every year.  She thinks the cash could be employed to help fund teaching programs for youthful children.

Louise was very direct inside a recent statement regarding hr take on marijuana.”Marijuana’s time like a controlled, illegal substance has run its course.  Marijuana laws and regulations ruin lives, are enforced with racial prejudice and draw attention away from police force from serious and violent crimes. … A Maryland with legalized, controlled and taxed marijuana means safer towns, universal early childhood education and less people unnecessarily uncovered to the criminal justice system.” The statement helps guide you far marijuana’s perception originates as candidates want their encouraging sights within the problem known prior to an election.

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