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How-To: Germinate Cannabis Seeds

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast there is nothing more satisfying than growing your own stash of the magical herb. Worried you don’t have a green-thumb? Don’t fret! We, at, are here to walk alongside you during this journey. If you are starting fresh, check out our Guide to Starting Your Own Grow to see […]

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Washington: Marijuana Worker Protection Standards Released by Agriculture Department

As legal cannabis business grows larger, states are realizing standards need to be set. In the latest step toward standardizing cannabis cultivation, the Washington State Department of Agriculture released formal recommendations called the “Worker Protection Standards (WPS): Requirements for Marijuana Growers.” Standards in the regular world of agriculture are created by the United States Department […]

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If Marijuana is Legal, Why is Growing Your Own A Felony?

Washington may have legalized marijuana in 2012, but that doesn’t mean it’s legal for you to grow your own ‘dro. Washington is the only state that has legalized marijuana for recreational use but has banned its adult citizens over 21 from cultivating their own extra-special houseplants. Supporters of home-grow argue that if citizens over 21 years […]

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