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Empire State

Marijuana Industry News June 28, 2013


Google Lending a Submit Legitimizing Medicinal Marijuana…

Presently, keying in the saying “chemotherapy nausea” inside a Search will yield foreseeable results for example pills and outdated natural home remedies.  Starting the following month,  however,  that can change.  The same search will produce yet another good treatment,  medical marijuana.  Google is going to be permitting Michigan Empathy to put advertisements around the popular internet search engine.  Michigan Empathy is not purchased marijuana,  rather it works as a network for farmers and patients to get involved with contact.  Vice leader of Michigan Empathy , Amish Parikh stated “the aim would be to link the side effects of chemotherapy and also the results of cannabis.”  The influence Google might have around the discussion might be dramatic.


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Two Medicinal Marijuana Shops Opening In Vermont…


Vermont joins an increasing listing of states meting out medicinal marijuana legally.  Champlain Valley Dispensary is located  in Burlington while Vermont Patients Alliance has opened up in Monteplier.  Another facility is going to be opening soon in Brandon.  Condition congress passed legislation enabling medicinal marijuana to become distributed.  Operator of Champlain Valley Dispensary,
Shayne Lynn, stated “This can be a groundbreaking. It is important and exciting to do this in Burlington.”  Lynn continued to state “I totally have confidence in the guarana plant and also the science behind it. I’d a really good friend who had been someone I saw the relief he was getting by using cannabis. It had been the main one factor that got him through chemotherapy.”


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NY Senate Eliminates Voting on Two Key Marijuana Measures…


Despite growing support from New You are able to citizens and Governor Cuomo, congress in Albany prevented dealing with the opportunity to reform condition marijuana laws and regulations.  A lot of the Empire Condition expires in arms concerning the “Stop and Frisk” loophole utilized by cops to create unintentional marijuana busts.  Furthermore, there is also bill that will have legalized medicinal marijuana, that also has got the support of most New You are able to citizens.  When the medical expense was passed, being approved patients could have been in a position to possess as much as 2.5 oz . of cannabis.  It’s unclear Albany congress will have the ability to still avoid dealing with the problem.  Over 80% of recent Yorkers support medicinal marijuana, and New You are able to City congress chosen on the bill to finish “Stop and Frisk”.  Based on the ACLU, New You are able to has more marijuana busts than every other condition.


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New Jersey Dispensary Finally Serves Patients Medical Marijuana

new jersey

After what has felt like a soap opera, New Jersey patients have finally now been able to legally access medical marijuana.  The former Governor, Jim Corzine signed off on legislation permitting medical marijuana during his final days in office.  However, Governor Christie and other lawmakers have delayed the program with as many bureaucratic and administrative delays as they could muster.  After that, local townships refused to grant zoning permits.

Although officially legal, medical marijuana would remain in a stalemate until Montclair finally decided to consider the needs of patients and granted Greenleaf Compassion Center its zoning permit.  On Thursday, after years of frustration and delays, Greenleaf’s doors finally opened to patients.  At first supplies will be limited and patients will only have the option to purchase in half ounce increments.  Greenleaf president Joseph Stevens expects supply to be a non issue soon and recently said “everything’s been going great”at the center.

New Jersey has some of the strictest rules in the nation for patients to receive a medical marijuana prescription.  So far there are only 300 patients registered.  However, the program will grow and more patients will be granted relief as time goes on and more conditions are recognized in the program.  Additionally, there may soon be six dispensaries in the Garden Staten as five other collectives have received approval.  New Jersey is one of the most populous states in the nation.  We believe and hope they will show other states in the northeast and east coast how to run medical marijuana dispensaries.  We all know who New Jersey’s big brother and it may only be a matter of time now before the Big Apple approves medical marijuana.

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Election Momentum and Hurricane Sandy Damage Could Propel Medical Marijuana in NY

new york city

Activists in New York state are demonstrating that timing truly is everything.  New York residents have indicated that they support decriminalization measures. Reforming marijuana law also has the support of popular/powerful Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has informed New York legislators that they will receive no raise in pay until they fix the devastating “Stop and Frisk” laws.

There has already been considerable momentum across the country to drastically reform marijuana laws following huge victories in Michigan, Colorado, and Washington state.  Albany lawmakers stuck in the previous century have mocked such changes, but may finally see the light.  The entire 2012 election was an eye opener to those who have been unable to notice a changing electorate.  The new voting public no longer wants to waste their money on restricting civil rights and wasting money on the failed War on Drugs.  If New York lawmakers wish to avoid filing for unemployment, they too may want to take note of what direction the country is going.

Besides the election momentum, another high profile event may also force New York to consider cost savings measures.  Hurricane Sandy has devastated the New York City, Westchester, and Long Island areas.  Residents are still trying to recover and it will be along time before places like the Rockaways, Staten Island, Long Beach, Fire Island, or Red Hook will be back to normal.  Governor Cuomo has already requested $30 billion from the federal government, but that may not be enough to entirely rebuild the area.  New York Senator, Diane Savino, of Staten Island (one of the hardest hit areas in NYC) is pushing to make New York the 19th state to legalize medical marijuana.  The Senator recently told the NY Daily News that “There is a huge amount of revenue here.”  The Senator was referring to the many jobs and tax dollars that could be generated from medical marijuana in the Empire State.

They say it’s important to strike while the iron is hot.  There is no better example than New York as reforming marijuana laws are crucial to rebuilding the area.  The public wants change, and the finances need change.  New York is known for setting trends and it could impact the entire country if the state legalized medical marijuana.  The call for reform was growing before well before Sandy as New York has long had budget concerns.  No matter what happens New York will have to take extraordinary steps in order to balance their budget, it may be the perfect time for lawmakers to just listen to the people.

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Medical Marijuana Finally Gains Momentum with New York State Lawmakers


Although the Oaksterdam situation has received national media coverage, it is important not to lose sight of the larger picture.  Everyday members of state level governments show they are not intimidated by federal bullying.  Unfortunately, in the third largest state in U.S., medical marijuana discussions have been surprisingly quiet in the political spectrum, until now.

New York has approximately 20 million residents, many of which are seeking relief from debilitating medical conditions.  The Empire State has failed to enact legislation that permits medical marijuana previously, but the political tides seem to be turning.  State Senator Diane Savino, (D-Staten Island) is the lead sponsor of a new medical marijuana bill that will be introduced  shortly in the state assembly.  The assembly is controlled by Democrats and has approved several of the previous measures that were rejected by the New York Senate.  State Democrats are confident that they can muster enough Republican support for the bill, leaving New York’s Governor as the wild card.

Governor  Andrew Cuomo ran a campaign in 2010 where he directly stated his opposition to legalizing medical marijuana in New York.  However, his stance seems to be softening a bit.  Governor Cuomo now acknowledges that there has been more research on marijuana’s benefits and that the issue can be revisited.  However, he says he does not feel there is enough time left in this year’s legislative session to properly hold the discussion.  While the statement may buy time for Cuomo, it does not seem like he is willing to outright dismiss the idea any longer.  There could be good reason for this as a Quinnipiac University poll conducted shortly after Cuomo took office in 2010 showed that 71% of New Yorkers were in favor of medical marijuana.

Andrew Cuomo is a second generation Governor and likely learned a great deal about what it takes to succeed running New York State.  His father Mario Cuomo, spent 12 years as Governor of New York state.  It does not take a political genius to realize that ignoring the wishes of millions of New Yorkers may not be politically savvy .  Patients may place pressure on the Governor in order for him to accelerate discussions, and make up his mind sooner rather than later.

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Medicinal Marijuana Industry News The month of january 13, 2012

federal raids

Feds Change Focus to Colorado Attack


As numerous expected, federal government bodies have moved assets toward Colorado and also have cautioned 23 shops of violations against condition law.  The shops received letters in the U.S. government warning them they unlawfully operating within 1,000 ft of colleges.  The letters were sent by U.S. attorney John Walsh, who mentioned “When the voters of Colorado passed the limited medicinal marijuana amendment in 2000, they couldn’t have anticipated their election would be employed to justify large marijuana stores situated within blocks in our schools.” Many experts happen to be baffled regarding how the us government goes concerning the raids.  Federal government bodies appear to become only pursuing shops that aren’t consistent with condition law even while every one is repel federal law.  The problem of condition privileges has witnessed its appeal grow lately also it seems the us government doesn’t desire to be charged with walking in it.  The amount of shops in danger of Colorado is gloomier than we had in California last fall.  This really is likely because of Colorado getting an even more controlled program which involves condition licenses, screening and approval.  Recent estimations indicate that Colorado has roughly 735 shops.


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New You are able to Attorney General Expresses Deep Concern over Prescription Medicine Abuse


News from the growing epidemic that’s prescription medicine abuse has gotten a lot of media attention recently.  Lately, marijuana.internet reported on the the introduction of a pure hydrocodone pill that’s 10 x more effective than vicodin.  Now, New You are able to Condition Attorney General Eric Schneiderman stated that “Prescription medicine is permeating society.”  The statement was at reaction to reviews that demonstrate that medications for oxycodone are up 82% within the Empire Condition.  The Brand New You are able to health system continues to be overburdened with er visits.  Particularly Nassau County saw a 57% rise in er visits associated with prescription overdoses.  Attorney General Schneiderman is asking to have an online monitoring system that will pressure doctors to report patient history just before prescribing a controlled substance.

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