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Ticker: CCC says don’t change pot tax; Google selects Mississippi site; Mortgage rates hit another low 

Changing the way Massachusetts taxes legal marijuana could produce more revenue for the state, but it could also disrupt the fledgling cannabis industry, a report found. In a report by the Cannabis Control Commission, regulators and state revenue experts considered taxing pot based on its weight or potency, rather than the current price-based tax. Although […]

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Google and Facebook won’t advertise marijuana, even in states like Colorado where it’s legal

As the cannabis industry grows, generating an estimated $10 billion in annual sales, states are increasingly approving medical marijuana programs and passing adult-use laws. But for marketing agencies, marijuana dispensaries and cannabis brands, advertising the pot brings its own hurdles.

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Marijuana Industry News June 28, 2013


Google Lending a Submit Legitimizing Medicinal Marijuana…

Presently, keying in the saying “chemotherapy nausea” inside a Search will yield foreseeable results for example pills and outdated natural home remedies.  Starting the following month,  however,  that can change.  The same search will produce yet another good treatment,  medical marijuana.  Google is going to be permitting Michigan Empathy to put advertisements around the popular internet search engine.  Michigan Empathy is not purchased marijuana,  rather it works as a network for farmers and patients to get involved with contact.  Vice leader of Michigan Empathy , Amish Parikh stated “the aim would be to link the side effects of chemotherapy and also the results of cannabis.”  The influence Google might have around the discussion might be dramatic.


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Two Medicinal Marijuana Shops Opening In Vermont…


Vermont joins an increasing listing of states meting out medicinal marijuana legally.  Champlain Valley Dispensary is located  in Burlington while Vermont Patients Alliance has opened up in Monteplier.  Another facility is going to be opening soon in Brandon.  Condition congress passed legislation enabling medicinal marijuana to become distributed.  Operator of Champlain Valley Dispensary,
Shayne Lynn, stated “This can be a groundbreaking. It is important and exciting to do this in Burlington.”  Lynn continued to state “I totally have confidence in the guarana plant and also the science behind it. I’d a really good friend who had been someone I saw the relief he was getting by using cannabis. It had been the main one factor that got him through chemotherapy.”


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NY Senate Eliminates Voting on Two Key Marijuana Measures…


Despite growing support from New You are able to citizens and Governor Cuomo, congress in Albany prevented dealing with the opportunity to reform condition marijuana laws and regulations.  A lot of the Empire Condition expires in arms concerning the “Stop and Frisk” loophole utilized by cops to create unintentional marijuana busts.  Furthermore, there is also bill that will have legalized medicinal marijuana, that also has got the support of most New You are able to citizens.  When the medical expense was passed, being approved patients could have been in a position to possess as much as 2.5 oz . of cannabis.  It’s unclear Albany congress will have the ability to still avoid dealing with the problem.  Over 80% of recent Yorkers support medicinal marijuana, and New You are able to City congress chosen on the bill to finish “Stop and Frisk”.  Based on the ACLU, New You are able to has more marijuana busts than every other condition.


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Large Marijuana Grow Found in Plain Sight Within Chicago City Limits…


Marijuana grows are located by authorities with great frequency.  A simple Google search using the key word “marijuana” will almost always quickly produce many stories where authorities have discovered large scale grows.  Even as this is occurring regularly, authorities still seemed to be baffled at how widespread marijuana is.  While the reports seem to indicate some sort of victory by law enforcement, they are only revealing a drop in the bucket.  For every illegal grow discovered there are countless that they will not find.  This is to be expected as an outdated approach can only yield outdated results.

The desperate need for cannabis regulation cannot be more clear after we learned of a developing story in America’s third largest city, Chicago.  Authorities found rows of marijuana plants, with many being 10 feet tall, lined in a space located just off the Bishop Ford Freeway.  Edward Graney of the Cooke County Sheriff’s Police Department noticed a patch of lime green while on a routine helicopter flight.  He said “I never thought I’d see something like this.”  Barely believing the location and size of the operation Graney went on to say “When I walked in there to get my head around this, I couldn’t believe how big it was, I was in shock. Basically, someone put 1,500 plants in the middle of an industrial park.”

As government officials still hope for a naturally growing plant to simply disappear off the face of the earth, their approach seems sillier by the day.  The field off the Chicago highway was estimated to contain as much as $10 million of street valued marijuana.  These illegal grows will never be taxed and often it is difficult to even ascertain who is behind the operation.  The size and location of plants found shows that those growing are not exactly living in fear of authorities.  If one of the world’s largest metropolitan area is now considered a safe place to grow marijuana in the open, what hope does law enforcement have of uncovering grows deep in the woods of rural areas?

Police and DEA officials are left without the ability to enforce marijuana policy.  Of course it is not the fault of individual agents.  Would we hand modern physicians tools from last century and demand cutting edge results?  Regulation and legal economics offer the only plausible way to move forward.  If marijuana were regulated within the United States, the need for a black market would quickly dissipate.  Once the economics and demand are damaged, illegal drug trafficking simply will not offer lucrative rewards.  Those new lucrative rewards could be redistributed toward tax payers or for repairing our crumbling bridges and infrastructure.  That would also result in putting many of the currently 7.8% of our population who find themselves unemployed.  For those serious about keeping marijuana away from children and restoring our economic prosperity should be shocked at the decades long failure that has produced an even larger and more dangerous unregulated marijuana market.

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Attempts to Stop Online Piracy could Lead to more being Stolen from the People


For many of us, the internet is a tool we use daily and most of us may take it for granted.  Whether we are looking for deals on Craigslist or starting a Wikipedia search that may take us far down roads we never anticipated, the internet as currently constructed offers us so much.  Yesterday some users were shocked to be locked out of popular sites such as Reddit, Wordpress, Craigslist, and Wikipedia. While operational, even Google had noticeable changes to their homepage.  This was all in response to the potential Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

According to these sites, the blackout was a sample of the negative effects the far reaching SOPA legislation could have.  Many feel the internet would become much more restrictive and unable to operate in the way it does currently.  The Stop Online Piracy Act, House Bill 3261, was introduced by Representative Lamar S. Smith (R-TX).  If SOPA is approved it would grant the U.S. government the right to seek court orders against websites who are accused of facilitating copyright infringement.  Search engines and ISPs would be required to block access to such sites.  There are also many other restrictions that alter the current landscape of our leading source of information.  The main proponents of the bill feel that online piracy needs to be punished, however, major lobbyists from the music and movie industries have donated hundreds of thousands to Lamar Smith’s campaign which has angered many critics.

Those who sponsored the bill do not seem to grasp the far reaching implications this legislation could have.  In a recent article, writer Ben Sherman explains ironically that on Rep. Smith’s website, he used pictures that he never asked permission for.  This would be a violation under SOPA rules.  As is the case with medical marijuana, politicians are in the dark about issues regarding the intricacies of the emerging global economy .  The country needs jobs with web businesses and medical marijuana representing growing fields.  Instead of a common sense approach, politicians have tried to pounce on a bullet point, displaying a total lack of perspective.  Another parallel to marijuana has to do with censorship.  Unfortunately, advocates for marijuana reform have experienced the frustrating battle over censorship for decades.  This is why any legislation limiting information can be dangerous and should be a concern to everyone.

While SOPA may not restrict information quite as much as other countries, the comparisons would not be flattering for most Americans.  China is well known for strict monitoring on what its citizens can access.  Similar actions are seen in political revolts.  Libya caught the attention of the world when it basically shut off its internet and did not allow residents to communicate with the outside world.  Fortunately, the bill has been met with huge public opposition.  Several of the bills co-sponsors have abandoned the legislation and the White House has come out against the bill as currently constructed.  A new bill will likely be created but those in public office are surely to have taken note of the strong reaction by the American people.  One day without Craigslist and Wikipedia was an inconvenience, imagine all of our favorite sites down forever?

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