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White House Denies Soldiers Petition to Use Marijuana for PTSD

white houseDespite having no military combat experience or even approving any federal cannabis research, President Obama has come to a very well thought out conclusion, marijuana has no benefit for sufferers of PTSD. Of course many doctors, scientists, and war veterans of this country feel very differently than the president. A coalition of returning soldiers has …continue reading

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Medicinal Marijuana Industry News The month of january 13, 2012

federal raids

Feds Change Focus to Colorado Attack


As numerous expected, federal government bodies have moved assets toward Colorado and also have cautioned 23 shops of violations against condition law.  The shops received letters in the U.S. government warning them they unlawfully operating within 1,000 ft of colleges.  The letters were sent by U.S. attorney John Walsh, who mentioned “When the voters of Colorado passed the limited medicinal marijuana amendment in 2000, they couldn’t have anticipated their election would be employed to justify large marijuana stores situated within blocks in our schools.” Many experts happen to be baffled regarding how the us government goes concerning the raids.  Federal government bodies appear to become only pursuing shops that aren’t consistent with condition law even while every one is repel federal law.  The problem of condition privileges has witnessed its appeal grow lately also it seems the us government doesn’t desire to be charged with walking in it.  The amount of shops in danger of Colorado is gloomier than we had in California last fall.  This really is likely because of Colorado getting an even more controlled program which involves condition licenses, screening and approval.  Recent estimations indicate that Colorado has roughly 735 shops.


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New You are able to Attorney General Expresses Deep Concern over Prescription Medicine Abuse


News from the growing epidemic that’s prescription medicine abuse has gotten a lot of media attention recently.  Lately, marijuana.internet reported on the the introduction of a pure hydrocodone pill that’s 10 x more effective than vicodin.  Now, New You are able to Condition Attorney General Eric Schneiderman stated that “Prescription medicine is permeating society.”  The statement was at reaction to reviews that demonstrate that medications for oxycodone are up 82% within the Empire Condition.  The Brand New You are able to health system continues to be overburdened with er visits.  Particularly Nassau County saw a 57% rise in er visits associated with prescription overdoses.  Attorney General Schneiderman is asking to have an online monitoring system that will pressure doctors to report patient history just before prescribing a controlled substance.

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New Prescription Painkiller stated to become Ten Occasions More Effective than Vicotin


America’s growing prescription abuse problem continues to be well recorded.  With major news shops for example CNN confirming spikes in infants being born hooked on prescription medications, or Fox News confirming more people die every year from prescription drugs than heroin and cocaine combined, you might assume the Food and drug administration could be thinking about a moratorium on approving more recent and much more potent pills.

Obviously this kind of assumption wouldn’t be consistent with recent reviews that describe the brand new drug Zohydro, that is presently getting used in clinical tests.  Zohydro, to be precise, may be the title provided to the drug through the North Park based company Zogenix.  Three others (Purdue Pharma, Cephalon, and Egalet) also provide began clinical tests while using potent pure type of hydrocodone but appear to become farther from reaching the marketplace.  Based on reviews, Zohydro is 10 occasions as strong as Vicodin, which already costs the American public over 484 billion dollars yearly because of health care costs, incarceration and traffic accidents.

Using the prescription abuse cases already rising by 430% throughout the final 10 years, an herbal viagra with the strength of Zohydro is frightening many experts.  The leader from the National Coalition Against Prescription Substance Abuse, April Rovero, told the Connected Press that “”I’ve got a large concern that this may be the following OxyContin” and  “We simply have no need for this available on the market.Inch Information provided through the Drug Enforcement Administration established that appointments with the er because of hydrocodone use skyrocketed from 19,221 in 2000 to 86,258 in ’09.  This really is clearly before Zohydro hits the marketplace, which will be the first drug to make use of hydrocodone in the pure and many potent form.  Hydrocodone is part of the opiate family including methadone, heroin, morphine and oxycodone.

News of Zohydro is baffling for a lot of advocates of medicinal marijuana.  Certainly the chance of prescription narcotic abuse is much more than well-established but patients have to legally depend on very potentially addictive substances.  Medical cannabis advocates could be skeptical why this type of product could be available.  Although people for example Karsten Lindhardt, leader of Egalet, believe that hydrocodone is essential for doctors, most are questioning such motives.  The Denmark based Egalet is presently testing their very own pure hydrocodone product.  Lindhardt stated “Sometimes you circulate someone between various opioids, plus some could have a better effect than the others,Inch while Jackson, co-founding father of Advocates for that Reform of Prescription Opioids feels  “The entire supply-side system is to establish to perpetuate this massive unloading of opioid drugs around the American public.”  The thought of circulating opium based items, as Lindhardt indicates, might not sit well with lots of patients.


Marijuana.internet will give you ongoing updates on the introduction of the hydrocodone  items.

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