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Cheap or free fares? RTD should take “urgent” action to lure riders back, report says.

Commuters returning to their workplaces as the pandemic eases are clogging Denver-area highways, but they aren’t yet boarding buses and trains in droves. That emerging dynamic has prompted an outside review panel to call for the Regional Transportation District to act boldly: Use some of its federal relief money to slash regular fares temporarily and […]

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Marijuana arrests are way down — but Black Coloradans are still twice as likely to get busted for pot, new report says

Seven years after the first recreational pot shops opened for business in Colorado, youth aren’t smoking more weed, older adults are blazing more and marijuana-related arrests are way down — but Black Coloradans are still much more likely to get in trouble for cannabis offenses, according to a state report released Monday.

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AAA study: Drivers who use both marijuana and alcohol are the riskiest on the road

The marijuana holiday 4/20 has come and gone, but the fact remains that people who use alcohol and pot are the riskiest drivers, even if the drivers consume the two separately.

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Many daily cannabis users believe it’s safe to drive under the influence, CDOT study says

Many Coloradans who use cannabis daily believe it is safe to drive under the influence and say they would like to see empirical evidence that proves otherwise before changing their behavior.

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Recent California conviction of stoned driver shows potentially deadly consequences of driving high

While alcohol-related DUIs remain far more common, this past week a case involving a motorist prosecutors say was solely under the influence of marijuana provided a stark example of the danger of driving while stoned.

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How many Coloradans are driving high? New report offers one answer

Four years after the legalization of recreational pot sales, state officials are another step closer to determining how the change is affecting the safety of Colorado’s roads — but many obstacles remain.

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Colorado wants to know why some marijuana users choose to drive while stoned

The Colorado Department of Transportation has created an online survey called The Cannabis Conversation to find out why some marijuana users decided to drive while high.

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Aurora Girl Scouts spur adoption of Colorado’s first vehicle smoking ban to protect minors

What started off last spring as an effort by an Aurora Girl Scout troop to take on a social service project turned into passage Monday of Colorado’s first ban on smoking in a vehicle while children under 18 are inside.

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Colorado researchers examine effects of dabbing marijuana on driving ability

Researchers are using an iPod Touch to measure the effects of “dabbing” marijuana concentrate and how much it impairs driving ability in a new study.

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Police methods increasingly used for marijuana DUI prosecution “not an exact science”

As driving under the influence of drugs grows, law enforcement agencies are training officers as drug recognition experts, but some question accuracy.

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