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Will Recent Federal Raids On Los Angeles Marijuana Dispensaries Be Swept Under the Political Rug?


The first presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will be held next week on October 3rd.  This debate will focus on domestic policy so we are sure to hear about plans for cost savings and stimulating the economy.  Of course, for activists there is always that economic pink elephant in the room that politicians never want to acknowledge.

However, it remains highly unlikely that debate moderator Jim Lehrer of PBS will question the candidates as to exactly why the failed war on drugs is persisting.  Earlier this week, there were three raids on marijuana dispensaries located in the downtown area of Los Angeles.  Additionally, 68 other warning letters were issued.  The efforts build on what is almost a year long target on dispensaries by the federal government.  While the raids catch headlines, the collateral damage is rarely covered.  Besides compromising safe access to patients, many jobs have been either put in jeopardy or eliminated totally.

We have yet to hear a coherent plan as to how either candidate will put Americans back to work.  We do know that our government is perfectly constructed to destroy jobs, as thousands of jobs have been eliminated this year alone due to medical marijuana dispensary raids.  However, it may require a new approach to creating jobs in the new age economy.

If other state laws were being targeted by federal authorities, political advocates would come out of the woodwork.  With the vast majority of Americans supporting a physician’s right to prescribe medical marijuana one would think a discussion would even be advantageous to lawmakers.  This is where the state of politics are.  This is a serious issue with economic, safety, and healthcare concerns at stake and we cannot even rely on a full discussion, rather, we are resigned to hoping that a debate moderator asks a single question.

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