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5 mistakes People Commit while Growing Marijuana

Did you know about the 5 mistakes People Commit while Growing Marijuana


There’s an inspirational quote that says, “Faith plants the seed, love makes it grow”. That may be true, but there are several factors that can impact the growth of your plants, especially when it’s a marijuana crop you are trying to cultivate. Many people believe that growing marijuana is no big task, especially since the plant is known to grow all over the world under various climatic conditions. But growing marijuana can be challenging and frustrating if you don’t know how to proceed. It’s easy to make mistakes and diminish your chances of success. Outlined below are 5 common mistakes to avoid while growing marijuana.


Overfeeding the plants


As they say, too much of anything is bad. In case of your marijuana plants, if you feed them too many nutrients you can easily damage the crop. Most novice growers make this mistake at some point during the growing cycle. As a result, the plants suffer from a nutrient burn. This often happens due to the feeding schedule recommended by the nutrient companies on the side of the nutrient package. Instead of following the recommendations blindly, start low and slow while feeding your plants.


Watering the plants too often


Water is vital for growing a lush and productive crop of marijuana. But too much water can seriously damage your crop. The excessive moisture in the soil can cause the roots to decay, which can ultimately kill your plants. When it comes to watering your marijuana plants, do not indulge in overwatering. Be sure to water them only when the top few inches of the soil have dried out completely.


Planting unknown seeds


The final product of a marijuana plant majorly depends on the seed’s genetics. In fact, only 10% of the ultimate outcome depends on the growing environment of the plants while the rest part is the result of the genetics. That is why you have to be sure about planting only high-quality feminized marijuana seeds obtained from reputable seed banks like Else, it may not be worth investing your time, effort, and resources to cultivate the crop.


Not regulating the pH level of soil and water


Marijuana plants attain good growth when the pH level of the water and soil used for plantation is neither too acidic nor too basic. Ideally, the pH level must be maintained within the range of 5.5 to 6.5. This pH level enables the crop to absorb the required nutrients. If you do not maintain the pH level, it may cause your plants to turn sickly or wither away. So, check the pH level of your soil and water source at regular intervals and make adjustments when needed.


Not maintaining enough light


Light plays a key role in determining the yield and quality of your marijuana crop. If you use inadequate light, it can negatively impact the growth of your plants. For best results, the light used must be bright, but not too bright. Apart from the intensity of light, the distance of the light source, the color spectrum of light, and the schedule for providing light must also be maintained properly.


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