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New weed sellers want you to swap chamomile for cannabis

By Jennifer Kaplan, Bloomberg News

Visit a dispensary in one of the 28 states that legally sell marijuana and you’re likely to find products with monikers like God’s Green Crack, Super Lemon Haze, or Skywalker. That’s all about to change as a new breed of “ganjapreneurs” swoop into the fledgling industry. In a classic consumer-marketing move, they’re getting rid of stoner slang and replacing it with supermarket-friendly names that purport to help customers live better.

Their message: Weed is no longer just for getting high. It’s to help you through your stress, ease you into sleep and get you in the mood for love. In other words, these marketers want to transform the image of marijuana so that it competes with scores of products already in liquor stores, markets and pharmacies.

“I think of our competition not as other edibles,” says Peter Barsoom, a former Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley manager who’s now chief executive officer of 1906, a company that makes cannabis-infused chocolates. “It’s that cup of coffee in the morning, it’s the pill of Ambien to help you sleep, it’s that cup of chamomile tea,” he says.