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Patients Beware: Phony Cash-Only Clinics Operating as 420 MD

According to recent reports, there have been a growing number of fake doctors issuing invalid medical marijuana recommendations in California and Colorado. These “doctors” hand out phony recommendations under the name of board-certified physicians who are clueless as to what is taking place behind their backs.

The presence of fake doctors understandably presents a problem for potential medical marijuana patients. How can patients verify that their doctor is, in fact, legitimate? Which doctors are allowed to recommend medical marijuana? What are some signs of a good doctor?

“I have definitely run across some medical marijuana physicians whose operations were a bit sketchy,” said Will Oppenheim, a medical marijuana patient from Orange County. “But their prices were so low that i was tempted to go their way.”

As you will soon find out, consulting with a good, caring doctor will not only help you choose the correct treatment for your condition, but it will also help you avoid legal troubles down the road. They might be more expensive, but the extra money spent just might pay dividends later on.

The physicians that own and operate the licensed 420 MD clinics have made the difficult decision to permanently close ALL the 420 MD clinics, and to continue care for existing patients online at  420 MD was a pioneer in community based clinics after Prop 215, but a recent proliferation of storefront clinics posing as 420 MD are taking cash and medical information from unsuspecting patients. To protect patient privacy and safety while authorities deal with the impostors, the founding doctor has pulled his license from all the storefronts.  420 MD will no longer see new patients, though previous patients can maintain care and renewals via online telemedicine at

The two 420 MD clinics on Telegraph in Berkeley and Oakland, and the Sacramento clinic on Watt are shuttered for good, and have been for months. The current operators at those locations are not affiliated with 420 MD, despite their use of the logos and name. If any cash-only clinic in California claims to be 420 MD, please make a report to local and state authorities.

“The confusion in the marketplace caused by the unlicensed ‘420 MD’ stores is dangerous to patient safety and privacy”, said Dr. Laurence Badgley, MD, the Chief Medical Officer of the 420 MD practice.  “The best way to uphold my oath to ‘Do No Harm’ is to alert the public that our 420 MD license is not in use at these addresses, and prevent the confusion to patients while the law cleans things up.”

To maintain care for our loyal patients, and to make their access to safe and legal medicine more convenient, 420 MD will continue at with renewal evaluations via telemedicine using secure video chat.

Changes in technology and legislation have made it possible for California doctors to care for existing patients over two-way video.  420 MD uses a secure, private, and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant platform. This allows continued care in a flexible and convenient manner. Patients can see their doctor from home, their car, or anywhere they have a PC or smartphone with an internet connection. No more driving, parking, and waiting rooms.

Stick with 420 MD and keep on your path for wellness.  Though California recently legalized recreational use, medicinal use under a doctor’s care can keep you on a plan for better health, provide Prop 215 medical protections, and save you money from the upcoming recreational sales taxes.

A licensed, ethical, and thoughtful physician who understands the benefits and uses of medicinal phytocannabinoids is available at your convenience. 420 MD patients can visit the doctors of 420 MD online at to set up a renewal evaluation.

420 MD (CA #543457) is licensed by the Medical Board of California

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