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Pax 3 The Dual Function Vaporizer

With only about a year to get acquainted with the Pax 2, Pax Labs just dropped the next generation: the Pax 3.

With a polished aluminum finish, the Pax 3 has been renovated to be the best vaporizer on the market. Pax Labs insured to fix all the flaws that fans were reporting from the Pax 2. Let’s see what’s new.

As for the design of the new model, it is now displayed in an aluminum finish, rather than the matte/brushed finish we saw on the Pax 2. In terms of dimensions, the Pax 3 stands as the same speculations of its’ predecessor. It sports the two classic lids: raised and flushed. It also dons the classic 4 petal LED indicator. The new Pax 3 also includes haptic feedback, in order to let you know what’s going on with the device via vibrations.

What differentiates the Pax 3 from the prior model is the new functionality of the oven and what it includes. Rather than only supplying you one lid and one screen, Pax Labs now gives you the function of three different uses for the oven with three lids and three screens. These being the classic lid, the “half packed” lid, and the oil cartridge lid.

That’s right. The Pax 3 functions as a concentrate vaporizer.

A major upscale from the oven functionality was the idea of including the “half packed” lid. This gives you the ability to pack the oven only halfway, in case you found the full oven a bit too much for a solo session or in general. This was a major grievance reported in the Pax fan base, but Pax Labs listened and definitely delivered.

In terms of the concentrate lid, not much is sure yet. It is implied that these cartridges will be able to be loaded by hand, and will be reusable. Once the device hits stores, we will be able to see exactly how it works.

As for the battery life of the new model, Pax Labs states that it was upgraded to a 3500 mAh battery, leaving behind the 3000 mAh battery seen in the Pax 2. Pax Labs states that the new battery has 2x the heating power, giving a quicker heat up time of 15 seconds. Compared to the 60 second heat up time of the Pax 2, the new model definitely will be seen as more of an on demand vaporizer.

As for what’s included in the package, most of it is standard: micro-usb cable, the classic magnetic charging dock, and a cleaning kit that includes pipe cleaners and isopropyl alcohol. But a new “multi-tool” was revealed, displayed on a keychain to imply that it will be a handy tool that would be on the go. Sadly, what the tool does is not specified yet, but we can only assume that it is some sort of scraper/unloader for the oven.

The most eager aspect of this new device is that is now going to be Bluetooth equipped, along with compatibility to a new Pax Vapor App. In terms of the app, all we know is that it will give you the power to set your own desired temperature via your smart phone. We’re hoping it’ll come with cooler speculations like battery life and oven status of the device, but hey, we can only hope.

Priced at $274.99, the Pax 3 is being closely watched to see when it will finally be on sale. If you haven’t included your email on the email list on the Pax website, make sure you do so you can grab one before they sell out.

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