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6 Steps To Cannabis Stock Investing

6 Steps To Cannabis Stock Investing


To simplify things a bit for you, here are 6 steps that you need to take when you invest in cannabis stocks or any other kind of security for that matter:


  1. Company Research


It is always advisable to research the companies that you plan to invest in. Check the SEC filings and any other documents needed by various regulatory bodies. You should also read the latest news on the companies on platforms such as Yahoo Finance and use Stockwits or Twitter to get a feel for the market sentiment.


  1. Set You Invest Amount


You must never invest more than you can afford to lose. While proper research usually leads to impressive returns, it is not always the case. Stocks are volatile and are sometimes unpredictable, which means that things will not always go as you want them to.


Experts say that far too many people place too much confidence in just a few ideas. In a start-up industry, however, which exactly describes legal cannabis in numerous ways, picking the winners isn’t always easy. For instance, back in the late 1990s, most companies that were expected to be winners never actually survived 3 years. It is better to have a longer-term focused investment portfolio with up to a dozen names in it.


  1. Decide on Your Timeline


Deciding on when to either buy or sell is critical. Try to determine what your thresholds are beforehand. For example, you can establish a rule to sell a particular stock if it either falls below or surges above a particular price point.


  1. Broker Selection


Once you have gone through the initial steps above, you will be ready to buy your shares. You can choose traditional brick and mortar brokers such as Scottrade or sign up with an online broker such as E-Trade or Ally Invest. Both options will allow you to sell and buy weed stocks after registering and funding your account.


Ally Investment offers impressive research reports to help you navigate and inform you of cannabis stocks with potential. Besides that, the company has some of the lowest stock trading fees in the industry. Depending on the amount that you fund your account with, you might be entitled to commission free trading and cash bonuses too.


  1. Buying the Stock


It might like a self-explanatory step, but it is somewhat more complex than it sounds. Market orders and limit orders are the two main types of ‘buy’ orders. A market order executes the purchase at the current market rates while a limit order executes only when the price falls and is either below or at the limit price. While a limit price gives investors a lower entry price, there isn’t any guarantee of the limit order being executed.


  1. Selling the Stock


Once you feel that you have generated enough returns from a stock, it will be time for you to sell. You can use a limit or market order to sell your stock. You can choose to either reinvest the proceeds or spend them. After all, life is for living.

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