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How to grow cannabis at home step by step

How to grow cannabis at home

Probably you have heard of people growing cannabis at home, and you feel like it is the direction you should be king. Do not worry even if you do not know where to start. We have managed to explain to you all you need and the steps you should take to ensure that your plan is successful. Growing cannabis at home may not be as simple as you may think, but again it is not complicated. All you need is to follow the following steps.


Step 1: Design the space for growing the cannabis


The first step is to decide on which area you want to use in growing the cannabis indoor. Space has not to be too unique. It can be a closet, a tent or any space within your house that you are ready to surrender for the growth of the cannabis. As you do this, try to start small but think big

In starting small, you will realize that the starting cost will not be too high that you cannot attain. As a first time grower, it will be easy for you to monitor the few plants than when you start with too many plants but without any experience. Any mistake you make in the early stages when you start small will not be too much that will stop your farming. You will learn from the mistakes.

In thinking big, you will have to leave some space for expansion. Cannabis plants have the capacity of doubling or even tripling. Therefore, you need to space the space that they might need as well as the space you shall be used when monitoring your firm. You also have to put in mind the equipment that might be needed for the success of your farming. There are some things you must provide for indoor growing like the light.

You need to ensure that the room is light tight. Light is one of the factors which differentiate the indoor farming and the outdoor farming. Without enough light, your cannabis may get confused about the darkness and end up producing male flowers. If this happens, there will be no harvest for you.

Additionally, you need to keep the space as clean as you can. Fit easy-to-clean surfaces in the room so that you do not use too much energy in keeping the space clean.

The other factors you will have to consider include convenience. The place should be reachable for easy monitoring. The temperature and the humidity of the space should also be favorable for the growth of the plants. Lastly, it should be a place where thieves and other external dangers cannot interfere with.



Step 2: choose grow light for the cannabis

Light is the first factor to be considered for indoor growing of cannabis. There are different grow lights which you can choose from:

High-Intensity Discharge Grow Lights

These are the commonly used grow light for cannabis in the agricultural industry. They are cost effective compared to other grow lights only that they can produce too much heat which is not needed by the plants. If you choose this grow light, unless you are doing the farming on a large scale, you will have to include a fan to regulate the temperature.



Fluorescent grow light

These light are cheaper to install as they come with the bulb, the ballast, and the reflector as one package during installation. They also produce less heat and so no need for a cooling system. The problem with them is that they are not energy conservative.

LED Grow Light

These lights have been used for a while. They are cost effective since they last for over ten years. They produce less heat put contain a full spectrum of light hence can boost the productivity of your cannabis.

Induction Grow Lights



Are simply another version of fluorescent lights. They are longer lasting and more effective only that they are relatively expensive and also difficult to obtain.

Step 3: give the cannabis plants air

The cannabis just like any other plant will need fresh air. You need to plan for fun which you should place on top of the room to replace the warm air from the plants. The temperature should be kept at a maximum of 85 degrees Celsius. You can keep putting the light on and off to regulate the temperature.

Step 4: pick your controls and monitoring

It may be challenging to control the condition of the room manually. You need to automate the system even if it is expensive. Cannabis needs light for about 16 hours of 24 hours when young and 12 hours of the 24 hours when they want to bloom. You should, therefore, automate the on and off of the lights.

A thermostat connected to the fun can automate the control of the temperature of the place. Additionally, you can have a pH kit within the farm which will be used to regulate the pH of the water as well as the nutrients so that the plants are not scorched.



Step 5: decide on the medium to grow the cannabis

The medium for growth for the cannabis can either be the soil or the soilless medium. The soil is the most commonly used. You need to ensure that the soil is pre-fertilized and is having enough micro-organisms relevant for soil aeration.



The soilless on the other hand is most effective. It can be in the form of Rockwool, vermiculite or clay pebbles to mention a few options. Such a medium when well-prepared can be better than the ordinary soil in as long as it is fitted with nutrients. To come up with the best medium, the two can be combined.


Step 6: decide on the container to use

In growing cannabis, you need to choose a container which will most fit your desire and cost. It should not be too expensive. At the same time, its size should be large enough to accommodate a whole plant. Some people prefer smart pots, but the cheapest you should think about is the perforated bag. Just use a few, and you will realize how smart the farming can be.



Step 7: feed your cannabis plants

Just as a human being, you need to feed the cannabis plants. If you are aiming to harvest a lot, you need to add enough fertilizer but at a controlled rate to the plants. If you do not do this, you will end up harvesting a minimal amount of the cannabis yet you used a lot of money to start it off. The primary nutrients they need are potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. They might also need calcium, magnesium, iron, and copper but at a low percentage



Step 8: water the cannabis plants

Finally, you need to start and maintain watering of the plants. To be sure of the water you need to use in watering the plants, check if you can drink it. If you can, then go ahead and use it. You need to be very careful on the water you use since some water contains a high level of chlorine which can choke the plants. Some water sources also contain fungi which, may stick at the roots of the plants hence hindering them from absorbing nutrients.


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