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How to grow cannabis at home step by step

How to grow cannabis at home Probably you have heard of people growing cannabis at home, and you feel like it is the direction you should be king. Do not worry even if you do not know where to start. We have managed to explain to you all you need and the steps you should […]

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Florida Leads the Country with Indoor Marijuana Grow Busts


Most people probably picture California or Colorado when they think of marijuana in the United States.  With approximately one million legal medical marijuana cardholders between the two states, one would not be incorrect to associate cannabis with the two regions.  Another state making the news for its marijuana culture is Florida, however the Sunshine State does not permit legal use of cannabis.

The annual National Drug Threat Assessment report was released earlier this year by the United States Department of Justice.  In fact, Florida now holds the title as the number one state for indoor marijuana growing busts.  Perhaps that is not a title they were seeking, but it may push the state toward a real conversation about marijuana reform.  Police have voiced their frustration with detecting the grow operations, as they are far less detectable indoors.

Florida politics have created a very aggressive anti marijuana stance.  However, there have been new resolutions recently proposed in Florida’s legislature, although many political analysts are not confident they will survive the debate by Florida lawmakers.  The greater point is that clearly there is a split on how the public views marijuana in Florida.  Demand seems to be very high in Florida, despite marijuana not being granted legal acceptance.

Many critics will point to the confiscations as an indication that marijuana use is on the rise.  While this may be true, there may be other reasons for this increase.  A leading marijuana lawyer in Florida, Mark S. Germain, stated that growers have moved operations indoors after the passing of the Marijuana Grow House Eradication Act, which greatly increased growing and cultivation penalties.  So while Florida may have a title they could do without, it remains to be seen if there truly is more marijuana being grown.  It seems possible that with stricter laws growers are making sure not to be seen in the open.  In the end, if they are embarrassed by such a statistic, they may in fact want to consider adopting the medical marijuana legislation sitting on their lap.

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