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Marijuana Industry News This summer 19, 2013


Study: Medicinal Marijuana Puts Chrons Disease into Complete Remission for a lot of Patients…

The study on medicinal marijuana is continually changing.  Based on research conducted recently released within the journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, the  another condition might be joining the ever growing listing of conditions curable by marijuana.  The research scientists at Israel’s Meir Clinic recognized that research was required to examine a suspected outcomes of crohn’s remission and marijuana.  “The marijuana plant Cannabis sativa continues to be reported to create advantageous effects for patients with inflammatory bowel illnesses, however this is not looked into in controlled tests,” the scientists authored. “We carried out a potential trial to find out whether cannabis can induce remission in patients with Crohn’s disease.”  About 50 % from the study patients found their conditions to stay in total remission.

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Rules Transformed for Olympic Marijuana Testing…

After many years of delivering home top sports athletes in the Olympics for positive marijuana tests, The Planet Anti-Doping Agency is changing the tests they will use to identify cannabis.  Formerly, a sports athlete who examined in a low-level of 15 mammograms per milliliter would fail the exam.  This led to many positive tests.   Ross Rebagliati,  a Canadian snowboarder who won gold within the 1998 Olympic games, almost had his medal removed from for barely testing positive for marijuana.  He claims it had been second hands smoke, and also at the reduced degree of 17.8 ng/ml it might be possible.  The brand new rule will penalize olympians when they test at 150 ng/ml, raising the accepted levels by 10 occasions.  As the WADA hasn’t exactly mentioned why they transformed this limit, there has been calls growing even louder and even louder all over the world to allow them to achieve this.  The brand new tests might not allow sports athletes to smoke cannabis near to the test, but shouldn’t produce positive tests for individuals around second hands smoke, or individuals who marijuana semi lately.  Allen St. Pierre of NORML stated a sports athlete would need to be “quite a devoted cannabis consumer” to check positive underneath the new rules.

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Tigard Citizens to Election on Legalizing Leisure Marijuana…

Last November,  we witnessed  historic changes to marijuana laws and regulations as Washington and Colorado grew to become the very first two states to legalize leisure marijuana.  Tigard, Maine could also join the growing listing of cities that enable the legal utilization of leisure marijuana.  In November, citizens from the city may have the opportunity to election for marijuana legalisation in the polls.  If went by citizens,  possession as high as 2.5 oz . of marijuana could be permitted.  Maine already has decriminalized laws and regulations as possession as high as 2.5 oz . has a potential fine of $200-400 and it is considered a civil citation.  We’ll still monitor this story and also the entire northeast.  Major marijuana reform appears to become happening in nearly every condition in the region.

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