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New Yorkers Reaffirm Support For Medical Marijuana

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Residents of the Empire State may not have legal medical marijuana in their state, but there certainly seems to be momentum to change that.  New Yorkers are known for speaking their mind and they certainly are not afraid to share their opinion in polls, especially when it comes to medical marijuana.

Northeast patients overall have received a great deal of good news recently.  With New Jersey finally making progress on opening dispensaries, Connecticut passing laws to permit medical marijuana, and Rhode Island also set to open marijuana dispensaries, the quality of life in the northeast should be improving for many.  While New York is the typically the trendsetter in fashion and night life, they may actually be copycats when it comes to compassionate relief.  The momentum from other states in the northeast seems to be spilling over into New York.  Recently, 74% of New Yorkers told Mason-Dixon Polling & Research pollsters that they want to see an end to federal raids on marijuana collectives and respect state laws.

This matches previous polls which show an overwhelming amount of New York residents are in favor of medical marijuana.  The message seems to have been received by lawmakers as Governor Andrew Cuomo seems to be shifting his position on the issue.  On the campaign trail for the 2010 race for governor he took a very rigid stance against medical cannabis.  He had very harsh words for proponents of medical marijuana and said “The dangers of medical marijuana outweigh the benefits.”  When asked about its potential to raise revenue candidate Cuomo said “A lot of things could raise revenues. Legalizing prostitution could raise revenues. I’m against that, too.”  Much seems to have changed since 2010 as comparing medical cannabis to prostitution may be a thing of the past.  Only months later the governor said “We’re looking at both sides of the issue if you will and we’re reviewing it, but we don’t have a final position.”  Last month his position evolved even more as Governor Cuomo stated I understand there’s more research and there’s more evidence, and it can always be re-evaluated. I don’t believe there’s going to be time this legislative session to look at that issue.

Andrew Cuomo is a seasoned second generation politician.  Perhaps he is looking ahead and unwilling to pick a fight on an issue that has the support of an overwhelming amount of some of the most outspoken voters in the country.

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