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Opportunities to make cash in the marijuana industry are becoming available

The marijuana industry is taking flight. As more states legalize recreational and medical marijuana, more opportunities to cash in are becoming available.

New jobs are being created every day as states ramp up their cannabis production to meet the high demand of hungry consumers. Just less than a decade ago the United States was in a terrible recession. It has been infamously dubbed, “The Great Recession.” It’s a bit of a cheesy name, but it rings true. Thanks to the marijuana industry, we are seeing thousands of people getting back in the work force.

The states with medical or recreational marijuana are getting millions of dollars in tax revenues from happy consumers. Without the much welcomed dispensaries, these states would have not been able to get citizens to cough up so much money in taxes willingly. Of course, there’s two sides to every coin. If the government is making millions upon millions in tax revenues, then business are making billions.


Affiliate Marketing

The legal marijuana market is estimated to do $44 billion in revenue by the year 2020. That’s an insane amount of money. How would you like to siphon off a little piece of that market? Well in the digital age, you can easily get in on the booming pot industry. There are two ways you can get in on the fun. You can go the traditional route or you can go the digital route.

Traditional Marijuana Business Opportunities

Assuming you want to create another income stream and not get another job, you have several traditional options.

  1. Invest in a marijuana business
  2. Start a grow
  3. Start a dispensary
  4. Make edibles
  5. Produce concentrates

All of these business will require a decent chunk of change. Although, you could start growing marijuana with just a couple hundred dollars. That’s not bad at all considering the profit potential. Most people aren’t interested in growing weed. They just want to own a brick and mortar business, like a dispensary. Well, that’s going to take some funds so hopefully you are loaded. If not, you might want to consider some of the cheaper options like 2, 4, and 5. To make edibles and concentrates you’ll have to purchase a lot of weed, which can get expensive. You’d be better off growing your own or partnering with a grower.

Digital Marijuana Business Opportunities

The internet has created another multi-million dollar industry with marijuana. You can get started making money with no investment at all. It’s entirely possible and it’s not necessarily hard. The hard part is learning how to market, but the actually work is easy. The work would include writing blog posts or making statuses on social media. That’s pretty much it.

Marijuana Affiliate Marketing

By becoming an affiliate marketer for marijuana related products, you get to make money without having the hassle of creating a business from the ground up. As an affiliate marketer, you won’t have to stock any inventory or deal with any physical products. A vendor may send you a free product from time to time to test out, but that’s it as far as physical products go.

You job as a cannabis affiliate marketer would be to get people to visit your vendors website. That’s it. You could start a free blog or build a social media following. Both of those ways work very well when it comes to affiliate marketing. The more people you reach, the more money you’ll make.

The internet isn’t going away any time soon, so you can count on people shopping for weed products online for a while. This is a great way to create a passive income stream in the cannabis industry. To learn more about marijuana affiliate opportunities, go to and browse through the programs. There are many different types of programs, so pick the one that resonates with you the best.

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