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Medical Marijuana Industry News April 13, 2012


Marijuana Advocacy Groups put Pressure on U.S. Attorney John Walsh to Cease Raids


Activists are fighting back after federal raids have targeted the core of the marijuana reform movement.  Eleven groups have joined together to request that U.S. attorney John Walsh back off of the threatening letters he has sent to 25 medical marijuana dispensaries, citing violations such as proximity to school zones.  The coalition would like to see Walsh respect the dispensaries and patients they serve and have sent a formal letter to the attorney’s office.  Among the 11 members of the group is the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, who recently inducted workers from medical marijuana dispensaries from both California and Colorado.  It appears the strength of the union may already be paying activists dividends.  Additionally, a Denver attorney, Rob Corry, has submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to Walsh, requesting all information Walsh has on medical marijuana and exactly how Walsh determined which dispensaries were too close to schools.  Corry has also asked to see  evidence of the “the outpouring of thanks and appreciation” that Walsh claims to have received since closing dispensaries.


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Mayor of San Francisco Calls Marijuana a Nuisance, Compares it to Liquor Stores and Exotic Clubs


While most Americans may not jump for joy at being referred to as a nuisance, marijuana advocates in San Francisco have been seeking such a description for some time.  Mayor Ed Lee now considers marijuana dispensaries as “nuisance retail” but finally called marijuana dispensaries “legitimate.”  This may put dispensaries under the same legal category as strip clubs, liquor stores and pawn shops.  San Francisco has seen a lot of bickering over its medical marijuana dispensaries.  San Francisco currently has 22 dispensaries, with the possibility of more opening as additional permits have been granted.


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420 Celebrations Gets Ready for Notable Weekend


Marijuana reform has been gaining significant momentum in 2012 and with April 20 is exactly one week from today, activists voices will not be ignored.  Even those outside of marijuana culture realize the significance of this day.  Many individuals will be attending the exciting events planned for next weekend.  The High Times Medical Marijuana Cannabis Cup will be held in Denver next week. is proud to be one of the sponsors of the event and for those in Colorado, we hope to see you there.  Additionally, other events such as “Overgrow The Government”, Deep Green Fest, and Washington D.C.’s 420 fest will be taking place.  Those who comment on this article are encouraged to talk about other events that will be taking place next weekend.


Medical Marijuana may become Reality in Massachusetts


Momentum for marijuana reform has swept the Northeast. Policy makers in Massachusetts have been debating whether or not to legalize medical marijuana for some time now.  Federal intervention seems to be a concern so politicians seem keen on leaving the issue to the people.  In November, it seems likely that the people of Massachusetts will get a chance to vote on whether or not to legalize medical marijuana.


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