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Paul Koretz

L.A. City Council Committee Approves Soft Ban on Dispensaries with Full Vote on the Issue Expected Friday

la city council

Activists and lawmakers have been at odds over the past few months on proposed marijuana dispensary bans.  Today, a committee of the Los Angeles City Council approved what is being called a gentle ban of medical marijuana dispensaries.  Patients will still be aloud to grow their own marijuana, but many feel this restricts “Safe Access”, a guarantee in Proposition 215 as many patients cannot cultivate their own marijuana.  The issue will come to a full vote of the City Council on Friday.  Paul Koretz proposed a second and less restrictive plan which was not passed by the committee but will still be discussed alongside the approved plan before the entire City Council.  All of the proposed ideas are really just a temporary patch as advocates and opponents of marijuana alike have both been waiting for California’s Supreme Court to render a decision on how medical marijuana is regulated.

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