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Rudy Eugene

New Age Propaganda: Marijuana Blamed for “Zombie” Attack

marijuana zombie propaganda


News of a Miami man tearing apart and consuming the flesh of a homeless man has made national news for weeks now.  Initially, the attack was believed to be a catastrophic side effect of “bath salts,” which are hallucinogens viewed very much in the same light as synthetic cannabis products.  The increased availability of black market home made drugs has been on the rise over the past several years.  Emergency room visits linked to “K2” and hallucinogenic “bath salts” have been skyrocketing.

An extremely harsh policy toward marijuana seems to have created a black market that will likely be difficult or even impossible to control. previously posted a lighthearted article linking marijuana prohibition to zombie attacks.  Those who do not understand cannabis and its benefits were rewarded with a new tidbit of info prompting new propaganda and false claims.  The “zombie” man, Rudy Eugene, only had marijuana in his system according to toxicology reports with no evidence of MDPV (the active psychedelic ingredient in “bath salts”).

Those who are at war against a plant have already come out in force with silly jokes about marijuana having made Rudy Eugene so hungry he attacked a human.  Of course these are the same detractors that say marijuana makes people lazy.  A zombie attack does not seem to be a lazy action so the new agents of propaganda may have to consider coordinating their empty statements with more precision. Their view against marijuana is elastic and will contort and bend into whatever shape they see fit.  Overall, America’s view on marijuana has changed drastically and not everyone will be fooled by such reactive comments.  Dr. Bruce Goldberger, professor and director of toxicology at the University of Florida mocked those who blame marijuana for the attack and said ‘Well, it must have been the marijuana that triggered Eugene’s behavior.  That, in my opinion, is outrageous, and out of the question. Marijuana will not cause this type of behavior.”  Dr. Goldberger also went on to express his doubts about labs being able to detect every type of “bath salts”, especially as black market home drug makers are always trying out new compounds in an attempt to circumvent testing and laws.  Dr. Goldberger  also said “I don’t believe the laboratory could confidently screen against all bath salt-type drugs.”

Marijuana propaganda is as American as apple pie so it is not surprising that many detractors would jump on this story in order to promote the idea that marijuana creates killers.  Today’s propaganda may be less ridiculous on the surface than it was decades ago, but it still based on a foundation of falsehoods and misleading statements.  Current marijuana propaganda is far more subtle as opponents are losing the battle in the laboratory.  Even as the opponents continue to devalue scientific data, the public is not so easily fooled.  Scientific evidence and patient testimonies are revealed every day and have pushed marijuana propaganda into dark corners.

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Marijuana Prohibition Causing Zombie Apocalypse?



Zombies have a special place in our hearts, even as they are without that key blood pumping organ.  George A. Romero took our fear of the undead to new heights in the 1968 classic “Night of the Living Dead”.  Since then countless zombie movies and now video games have tried to quench our blood thirst.  However, sci-fi fans and others who refuse to lay on a silver platter and become zombie lunch have prepped for the “Zombie Apocalypse”, a real life scenario where the strong survive and the weak are turned, dragging their bones around seeking flesh.  In a world with a heightened fear of pollution, radiation, and chemistry sets gone wrong, it seems more and more people are fearing a world where our infrastructure breaks down, and we are left to our own will to survive.

Preppers for the Zombie Apocalypse may not seem so ridiculous all of a sudden.  Cannibalism was all the rave this week, as a man in Florida attacked a homeless man by eating away at his face.  When told by a policeman to stop, Rudy Eugene was unresponsive and reports say he only growled back at the officer.  He continued to tear away at the man’s face and unfortunately was shot.  The victim was 65-year-old Ronald Poppo, who remains hospitalized with  most of his face torn away.

Many are reporting that Rudy Eugene had used “bath salts” that are actually geared at achieving an LSD like high.  The problem highlights the constant struggle to regulate and eliminate the synthetic drug market.  Products such as K2 and Spice, which mimic THC’s effects have been outlawed on both state and federal levels.  However, scientists fear that the battle is a losing one because the makers of these products will always find a way to create slightly different chemical compounds that circumvent the law.  Government officials will now likely have the new LSD synthetics on their radar, but ultimately it may prove to be too late.  Synthetic marijuana products have been linked to strokes, seizures, and other health complications especially in teens.  Our first high profile case of synthetic LSD may have ushered in the undead revolution.

Although the case is isolated so far, it sheds light on the larger and more frustrating picture.  Regulation is needed and the black market for quasi legal drugs has clearly taken a huge step.  It started with our country’s failure to regulate marijuana and the idea that synthetics without any safety information available could be created.  Zombie movies and popular video games such as Resident Evil (also a movie series), Left For Dead, House of the Dead, Dead Rising, Call of Duty Black Ops/World at War, may captivate our imagination, but our heads is where this phenomenon should stay.

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