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Parents Find Success in Treating Autistic Son With Marijuana

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The medical marijuana movement has gained traction simply because it has produced results.  Despite the talking points of politicians who still claim to want more research but also want to block said research, patients testimonials have been strong and heartfelt.  Also during this time of medical marijuana expansion we have seen a significant rise in autism diagnoses.  One family living Oregon has found that marijuana has done wonders in treating their son’s violent episodes related to his autism.

This story is sure to cause considerable controversy.  Those looking in, who are not faced with this difficult situation may be quick to render judgement.  However, the parents of Alex Echols seem to want to provide a better and safer quality of life for their son.  Traditional medicine and treatments were not effective in reducing Alex’s violent outbursts.  As a result the family decided to try something unconventional.  They have noticed results and seem pleased with their son’s progress.  However, they are not advocating that everyone in their situation try this.

We are only going to get to the bottom of marijuana’s efficacy by research.  With the vast majority of the country feeling that the federal approach to this issue is a failure at best, when will we see change?  Federal authorities are still hiding behind the red tape.  We have heard so much about individual rights from Congressional members, though most members in the House are eerily quiet on the subject.  If marijuana is so devastating and deserving of its Schedule I classification, WHY NOT conduct the research and prove once and for all it’s dangers?  The federal government owes the American people this protection.  We need and must know if this plant, that is available everywhere, is causing the widespread damage authorities claim.  We owe it to 11 year old Alex Echols if his reduction in violent behavior carries with it an even greater risk.  The only conclusion is that our government is outright lying/misleading on marijuana, or that they have absolutely no concern for our safety.

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