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Studies in Relaxation

There are many reasons why people turn to Medical Marijuana.  As a psychoactive drug, one of its greatest benefits is how it relaxes people.  It induces feelings of calmness, serenity and it relieves anxiety for many.  There are lots of substances out there that can also create this effect for patients, so why would one turn to one that is still illegal in most states?  Big Pharma has been pushing all kinds of chemicals on us for years and yet some people still feel uneasy about taking them because of the potential or unknown side effects.  Have you ever read the possible side effects on a bottle of Prozac or Xanax?  Read it and try not to have a panic attack.  So what we see is that people turn to that marvelous medicinal plant that has been with mankind since the dawn of civilization.

How does Cannabis effect the brain and help the patient relax?  There are many active ingredients in medical marijuana which scientists are still discovering, as well as their potential applications.  Two of the most popular ones are THC and CBDTHC (Tetrahydracannabinol) by now most everyone has heard of. There is also CBD (Cannabidiol), which in recent studies has also shown to have a strong effect on users.  THC is responsible for the “high”  or psychoactive feeling that alters your senses.  Colors seem brighter and sharper, food tastes better (especially sweets), sounds seem clearer and things seem to feel better to the touch.  THC helps you notice the details in your environment and is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. CBD has shown “to prompt brain activity linked to appropriate responses to significant stimuli in the environment,” which also helps to prevent feelings of paranoia that can be associated with smoking marijuana. The medical community is spending more time looking into this chemical because it appears to be the active ingredient for pain relief that so many cancer patients are seeking.

At the end of a long day you come home from work and you need to unwind.  For some, a cold beer is all you need.  But not everyone has that luxury. There are many people out there that alcohol simply does not agree with.  It can aggravate digestive disorders, or interfere with other medications; it’s toxic when combined with acetaminophen.  Also, one drink often leads to another and then in the morning you have a hangover.  And hangovers are not conducive to productive days at work.  Furthermore, alcohol has been shown to interfere with REM sleep leading to the next day being unproductive.  Other medications can also leave people feeling groggy the following morning.  Marijuana is great for relaxing  patients as well as treating their uncomfortable symptoms.

There are few things as wholly unpleasant as a trip to the clinic for chemotherapy.  Patients return home feeling exhausted due to the physically draining process.  When you’re fighting cancer you need to keep up your strength, but many chemo patients just waste away due to side effects such as nausea and loss of appetite keeping them from nourishing their bodies with the nutrients they need to combat their illness.  Many cancer victims can testify to Marijuana’s helpful effects; it can pick up your spirits and help keep an active appetite. Medical grade marijuana helps maintain a calm stomach that let’s food stay down so that it can be digested so patients can maintain their strength.

Clearly Marijuana has many obvious medical benefits in regards to physical pain, but the true nature of the plant to help alleviate emotional stresses is still yet to be seen.  With the alternative being physically addictive pills with uncomfortable and potentially fatal side effects, the idea of using medical marijuana in replacement of typical dangerous prescription medications to relax and treat forms of anxiety seems more appealing as the facts pile up.

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