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Denver just made a big change on social-use cannabis: It will be permanent

One of the clouds over Denver’s marijuana hospitality businesses is about to go away.

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After only a month, Denver’s second social marijuana business is closed and up for sale

Vape and Play’s owners closed their doors and put the weeks-old Broadway business up for sale in Denver.

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Marijuana Musical Delights Humboldt County

marijuana musical

From Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre to New York’s Broadway, plays have and continue to be an important outlet for entertainment, emotion, and art.  Many social struggles are depicted through the use of live play actors.  Popular plays such as “West Side Story” addressed cutting edge themes such as interracial relationships during a time where it was a very controversial issue.  “Rent” dealt with a taboo topic of closely looking at how AIDS impacts the lives of those who contract it as well as those who close to them.  “King Lear “ raised questions about God and humanity centuries before such topics could even be discussed in the mainstream, questions on God that are still taboo in many circles.

It seems the marijuana reform movement is no different than any other struggle.  A new musical in North Humboldt County will deal with a new controversial issue, marijuana.  “Mary Jane: The Musical” is currently being performed by Dell’Arte International.  The group is known for colorful performances and the new marijuana musical seems to fit right in.   The play takes a look at many marijuana related issues but often focuses primarily on the lives of growers, their family dynamics, and living with secrets.  Also the issue of parenting and bringing children into a world of secret growing is explored.

As we have said previously at, art and creativity always seem to be the one positive by product to rise out of struggle.  Of course there have been “stoner” movies for a long time (with several being hilarious) but it would be nice to see something lighthearted that is not totally ridiculous.  Oliver Stone recently released “Savages” which takes an in depth look at Cartel life and the alarming level of violence associated with transporting Mexican marijuana.  As acceptance of marijuana grows we hope to see productions that also reflect the problems that patients and growers are faced with on a more serious level, without forgetting to have some fun in the meantime.  It appears that “Mary Jane: The Musical” has set out to do just that.

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