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Five Of The Most Famous Vaporizer Brands Today

Modern-day vaporizer manufacturers seem to bank on packing their products with features making them all the more intelligent, efficient, and effective devices for vaporizing your select materials. 2018 has seen a race of brands making the most out of today’s available technology with little variation in design and engineering in between brands. In this article, we’ll be looking at today’s five most famous vaporizer brands and the vaporizers that made them famous. Whether you’re a seasoned e-liquid dude, a dab enthusiast or an herb aficionado shopping for your next vaporizer or maybe a vape newcomer looking for your first kit, you’ll find this list helpful. I’ll try to keep this list as comprehensive as possible so keep on reading and join me in this review. We’ll showcase the brands’ latest devices through almost all vaporizers from these brands are top-notch in the areas and segments they are aimed at. So without further ado, let’s begin this review.

  1. Puffco

Puffco has been in the wax pen vaporizer game since 2013 and with just 5 years of experience under its belt, Puffco has managed to achieve so much in such a short amount of time. While most vaporizer brands are busy imitating each other, Puffco was occupied in innovating and revolutionizing the industry. The company was said to have been born out of necessity, when Puffco President and CEO Roger Voladarsky, realized that the vaporizer industry lacked the elements it truly deserves and decided that he wanted more than what it could offer. He believes that “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” Hence, Roger Voladarsky used Puffco to house a talented and experienced staff of designers and engineers to bring together “the disciplines of design, technology, and engineering,” Puffco’s recipe for success. Since the Puffco managed to pave the way for other wax pen vaporizer manufacturers to follow suit.

Their best and latest offering comes in the form of the Puffco Peak. An extremely intelligent wax vaporizer that combines the elements of an e-nail and a dab rig with a touch of modern tech. The Peak is equipped with what Puffco calls the ITC or intelligent temperature calibration. Outfitted with a SmartWare that automatically calibrates the heat level of the vaporizer all while your bowl is still hot. This means that you get consistent and steady heating even during extensive use. It has four unique temperature profiles which let you select the perfect temperature setting whether you’re loading large dabs or just the right amount of wax concentrates you’ll be able to get the most of what you put in. Puffco’s sesh-mode also allows you to get longer sessions creating what Puffco likes to call “the first social dab experience.”

  1. Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber is a brand we can closely compare to Puffco. This Las Vegas-based manufacturer also specializes in vaporizers used for wax concentrate consumption. Dr. D was established in 2013, coincidentally, the same year as Puffco though Dr. D seemingly took to treading new paths as they began venturing into uncharted territory in botanical vegetable matters. Dr. Dabber’s latest product, the Dr. Dabber Switch seems to follow the Peak’s footsteps and presents the Switch as a smart e-rig though the Switch, instead of just vaporizing wax concentrates, allows users to vaporize flowers, buds, and herbs. The Switch also presents a new heating technology by using induction heating instead of traditional methods in convection and conduction. The Switch is dubbed as the world’s first induction powered smart rig, relying on high-frequency alternating currents that are directed to Switch’s induction cups which makes for one of the fastest, most precise heating methods that promise accurate, efficient, repeatable, and non-contact means of heating.

Dr. Dabber has been known to be a manufacturer of premium vaping devices that are both stylish and functional. Their collection is nowhere near fancy as the design of their vaporizers tend to lean towards the stealthy side of vaping usually covered in a luscious matte black finish that aids discreet and low key vaping. Apart from offering superb vaping technology, Dr. Dabber Inc. is also widely known for its first-rate customer service, its aftermarket support is second to none. Knowing that you’re backed up by a team of professionals from shopping to support makes following Dr. D more rewarding.

  1. KandyPens

KandyPens is another player in the wax pen vaporizer business. Founded a year later that Dr. D and Puffco, KandyPens began making high-quality wax pen vaporizers back in 2014. One of KandyPens’ newest vaporizer is the RUBI. The RUBI breaks the pod-based vaporizer norms by utilizing refillable pods as opposed to the pre-filled cartridges found on most pod-based vaporizers. In using refillable cartridges, the RUBI now allows e-liquid consumers to load and enjoy their favorite e-juice blends while enjoying KandyPens’ iteration of a pod-based unit. The RUBI features ceramic coils with Japanese cotton to enhance the flavors of the e-liquids and preserve the taste of the material even after prolonged and excessive use. It’s temperature regulated and features a leak-proof design which makes it one of the best portable devices that easily fits in your pocket without unnecessary leaks and spills.

Getting a KandyPens vaporizer means you’re indulging and giving yourself an awesome vaping experience.

  1. Haze Technologies

Talk about groundbreaking innovation, Haze technologies is one of those companies that really innovated and introduced a new method of how you vaporize your favorite materials. Originating from in Atlanta, Georgia and founded in 2013, Haze Technologies began reshaping the dry herb vaporizer industry when it first introduced the Haze Dual. A loose-leaf vaporizer with two chambers allowing its users to pack twice the amount of material in a single vaporizer but they just couldn’t stop there. Haze Technologies recently introduced the Square, the world’s first four-chambered vaporizer capable of vaporizing all cannabis materials from dry herbs to wax concentrates and even essential oils. The Haze Square is powered by a 2600mAh battery and uses convection style heating which heats up your materials without getting to the point of combustion. A Pro version of the Square even allows its users to use a downloadable app to allow better customization and personalization for that tailor-fit experience. Its users can easily switch between chambers through the rotating metal plate. The Haze Square is a must have for all vaping enthusiasts whether you’re into buds, wax or oils.

  1. AtmosRx

AtmosRx is another vaporizer company that considered as pioneers in the vaping industry. Atmos’ rise to fame began when they secured the first patent for a portable pen vaporizer. Atmos aims to keep this momentum in their latest release, the Atmos Swiss. The Atmos Swiss is designed and engineered to be the one true versatile vaporizer unit capable of functioning as a rig insert, a portable unit, and a desktop device. Atmos looks to fit and address every vaping aspect encompassing all the vaping methods practiced today. This innovative approach to multi-functional vaporizers and allowing the Swiss to be universally compatible with almost every 510 threaded vape accessory in existence.

No other vaporizer brand has ever dreamed this big and have managed to realize the goal. To increase the overall lifespan and performance of the Swiss, Atmos housed this multi-functional kit in a durable, scratch resistant housing which preserves its looks and protects it from minor scratches and daily wear and tear.

While all these vape brands are surprisingly outstanding in terms of build quality and vapor production, the true and ideal vaping experience still depends on one’s preferences. Make sure to check and consider these vaporizer brands the next time you search for your next vaporizer unit.

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