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dry herb vaporizer

Five Of The Most Famous Vaporizer Brands Today


Modern-day vaporizer manufacturers seem to bank on packing their products with features making them all the more intelligent, efficient, and effective devices for vaporizing your select materials. 2018 has seen a race of brands making the most out of today’s available technology with little variation in design and engineering in between brands.

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the new source orb vaporizer pen

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Choosing a Vaporizer

By now, you have probably heard the buzz about herbal vaporizers and vape pens including how beneficial they are. Not only are they able to save you a lot of money (Up to 6k per year!), but they are also a more healthy alternative to smoking. Before you hit the streets or the internet to […]

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Vape Pens: A Hit with Users, a Hassle for Law Enforcement

A marijuana vaporizer pen is a pocket-sized, stick-shaped device that can be used to produce vapor from medicinal marijuana, so that it can be inhaled. Weed vape pen use is on the rise, as doctors frequently recommend vaporizer pens to patients when prescribing medicinal cannabis. While vape pens provide many benefits for those who need […]

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