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Five Of The Most Famous Vaporizer Brands Today


Modern-day vaporizer manufacturers seem to bank on packing their products with features making them all the more intelligent, efficient, and effective devices for vaporizing your select materials. 2018 has seen a race of brands making the most out of today’s available technology with little variation in design and engineering in between brands.

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the new source orb vaporizer pen

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Vaporeview international and independent vaporizer review and test blog

Vaporeview is a international and independent vaporizer review / test blog. The blog mission is to help you find the right device for your personal needs. If you have questions to one of these products posted, just write a comment and we will try to answer them asap.  

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A Touch of the Vapors


For the majority of cannabis patients, smoking is the most common and easiest way to medicate.  Herb, pipe and fire are all that is needed.  Some people however, are unable to handle the smoke delivery method. There are those with weakened pulmonary systems, or are prone to infection.  There are many other ways of bringing cannabinoids into the body.  Today a patient can get edibles, tinctures, or use a vaporizer.  These marvels of modern technology are capable of delivering all of the good chemicals from cannabis, without any of the junk that comes with smoking.

Vaporizers, as the name says, brings the chemicals to their just below their flashpoint (when a chemical ignites) without combustion.  That means that tar, CO, CO2 and other toxic compounds are neither produced, nor inhaled.  Only the desired chemicals, THC, CBD, CBN and other cannabinoids, are delivered to the lungs and absorbed into the body.  So, it’s a purer delivery and safer for the user. While on the topic of safety, no combustion means no fire. And no fire means no accidentally burning down the house.   Most vaporizers operate best between 170°C and 190°C.  THC vaporizes at 150°C and other cannabinoids at slightly higher temperatures.  Cannabis and its component chemicals have flashpoints just above 200°C, so try to avoid any machines that operate at that temperature, or else it will be just like smoking.

There are numerous machines are the market, from little portable devices, such as the iolite, to the king of them all, the Volcano.  Some are activate and inhale, while others have a variety of settings allowing the user to customize to their preference.  The more complex devices allow users the choice of setting the temperature so they can use it for other herbs such as sage and clove (which have their own therapeutic benefits).  Iolite‘s portable devices are very easy to operate; they require only herbs and butane as a fuel.  Volcano Vaporizers have require a little bit more work.  They have adjustable temperature settings and numerous attachments.  Theirs is an interesting setup.  The machine works by vaporizing the herbs and expelling the vapor into a big plastic bag (similar in size to bags on the Sunday newspaper), which stores the gas and can be inhaled through a valve.  That’s very convenient because the bag is portable, and can be passed around.  However, the longer the vapor sits, the lower the quality is.  As it cools, the cannabinoids condense onto the lining of the bag so potency will decrease over time.

There are a few rules that people should know about vaporizers.  First of all, herbs must be broken up finely, preferably ground up, to maximize surface area for a clean burn (well, not really burning but don’t drop a whole nug into the chamber)  Second, herbs should be properly dried.  If it is still moist than water will vaporize to steam and that can damage sinus, esophageal and lung tissue. Nobody wants to medicate only to find themselves the victim of a steam burn.  Also, higher moisture contents lead to stickier remains and more difficulty while cleaning the equipment.
Most of these devices are not cheap.  Some users prefer to spend the same amount of money on a large pipe or a classy bong, but they won’t deliver the medication as kindly to the body.   Third, remember to clean the device after use.

There are lots of vaporizers on the market so take time to look into your own requirements, whether for ease of use or level build quality.  Some can be costly but well worth it so make sure it fits your needs.  You can also check out vapornation for an excellent selection and prices on quality products.

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Those Incredible Edibles


Like a giant pink elephant in the room, detractors of marijuana only assume that intake is done via smoking.  Cannabis, the giving plant that it is, offers us so much and gives us many options for intake, rather than simply sparking up and inhaling.  Among the alternative methods are vaporizing and the world of culinary delight.  Hemp seeds are an excellent source of nutrition, but offer little in the way of THC or CBD.  And what about those patients who simply cannot inhale smoke?  How does one get maximum medical effects by eating this plant?  We do not recommend eating raw buds.  The human digestive system cannot handle all that plant fiber and will not extract the THC well enough to have the desired effect. But there are a variety of methods one can use to prepare this perfumed plant into palatable pastries.

It used to be the case that creating edibles was a D0-It-Yourself affair for those who had both the motivation and an abundance of medication.  But these days chefs and pharmacists everywhere are turning their hands to the world of “Medibles.”  In certain states with legalized medical marijuana, one can walk into a dispensary and bypass the bud jars and gaze upon the tasty edible medications.  On certain beaches in Maui, patients can find bakers distributing goodies too.  In fact, culinary cannabis has exploded into an extravagant field offering more choices than a banquet.  Many of us are familiar with brownies and cookies, or anything like that which uses oil or butter to cook with.  But the selection has grown even further.  There are tinctures and teas, colas, sprays, lozenges and lollipops.  If variety is the spice of life, then this is one spicy meatball.

It is important to take precautions when medicating with edible cannabis.  When ingested, its effects can be different than when inhaled.  It often takes longer to feel the effects, generally between 30 minutes and two hours.  And the effects will last longer in your body.  While operating heavy machinery always requires caution, it is even more imperative that caution is taken after the consumption of edibles.  Also, it can be easier to over-medicate when ingesting marijuana through edibles.  When THC hits the liver, it is metabolized into 11-Hydroxy-THC which has shown to have stronger psychoactive properties than the original THC compound. Be careful when purchasing products and ensure their potency is labelled.  Some manufacturers, like Cheeba Chews, label their products well and patients know what to expect.  Furthermore, they subject their product to rigorous lab testing to ensure safety and quality standards.  Unfortunately, some companies use packaging labels that do not include all of the pertinent information and patients are often unsure of what they are getting.  A good rule of thumb for those new to edibles is the wait and see approach.  Let’s say you’ve just gotten home with a batch of fresh brownies.  Don’t just pop it in and wait for the ride.  Cut the brownie into 2-4 pieces and spread out ingestion over the course of several hours.  This will help significantly reduce the likelihood of over medication.

There is a lot to be said for edibles. We hope you enjoy them safely, and check back with us for more on this subject.

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