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Marijuana Media Propaganda continues today


The line between propaganda and politics can be razor thin.  Laws in this country are often passed only when jobs are on the line and/or the public demands action.  Propaganda has been used throughout history to perpetuate the political and social agendas.  Marijuana in the 20th and 21st century in America is a standout example of this.

Most of us at least viewed clips of “Reefer Madness” and while this would be considered absurd by today’s standards, it actually may have helped set marijuana back by decades.  As always, people feared the unknown.  As a result there has been a cultural and generational divide for so long.  It is now only in recent years with global communication now becoming instant, that we are seeing a real difference.  The facts are taking hold and patients are able to share their stories.  However technology often has its drawbacks, and of course the internet is no different.

With marijuana skyrocketing in acceptance and popularity, it no longer is viable for the media to claim that “marijuana is the smoke of hell”.  The media now tries to deceive in a more subtle way.  “Spin” is the common term used in political and campaign circles when describing how to take a singular event and dress it up in a way that is politically self serving.  This week alone we were able to see two high profile examples of this.  We at were not even looking for these stories, but there are so many like this that they basically fell into our laps.

We reported several weeks ago that cannabis was found to help patients deal with the symptoms of MS.  Another study published this week stated that marijuana does not stop the spread.  No one made the claim that marijuana would be curing MS, just that a patient’s quality of life can improve if they use medical marijuana.  The article headlines regarding the study jump on marijuana not being able to cure the condition, placing a negative focus on medical marijuana.  Would we say that aspirin is a failure because it did not cure a migraine but allowed a person to have a pain free afternoon?  In another separate story, media outlets jumped on a poll that showed that California residents were split and even slightly opposed to totally legalizing marijuana.  However, the polls also show that an overwhelming 80% of residents in California want medical marijuana to be permitted.  Many of the articles barely mention this while jumping on the legalization numbers.  However, is it not impressive and newsworthy that such a diverse state has come to a consensus on medical marijuana especially in the midst of the LA City Council trying to shut down dispensaries?

Blatant falsehoods regarding marijuana may be on the decline, but this new propaganda war will be fought much more subtlety.  This is a headline reading culture with many people not taking the time to read what is under the title, and those with an anti cannabis agenda certainly are aware of this.  As creative as the headlines can be, they are often devoid of any charm after the title sentence and we just ask that you read on.

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