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Medical Marijuana Industry News October 12, 2012

melissa etheridge

Melissa Etheridge Becomes Newest Celeb to Endorse Marijuana Legalization…

Melissa Etheridge, has provided inspiration to many people through her music and her successful fight against breast cancer.  The singer of popular songs such as “Come to My Window” has now come out in support of Colorado’s Amendment 64.  She appears on an advertisement and says she supports the legalization initiative “because a few years ago I was going through cancer chemotherapy and I was suffering.”  She also goes on to say “Prescription drugs were not helping. The only thing that allowed me to function and regain my strength was marijuana and I’m grateful for the relief it provided me. You know before I needed to use marijuana I just accepted the laws that treated marijuana users as criminals. But it’s funny how a serious illness can give you a new outlook on life.  I now see that it’s wrong to arrest adults for using marijuana and it’s even more wrong to allow gangs and cartels to profit from selling marijuana. Instead we should allow adults to possess limited amounts of marijuana and we should regulate marijuana sales in order to generate tax revenues for public schools construction and other community needs. To me, regulating marijuana is simply the right thing to do. Please vote yes on Amendment 64.”  Residents will have the opportunity to vote on passing the marijuana legalization law.  If they do so, marijuana will be treated in a similar way to alcohol with those 21 and over being to purchase it in a controlled, regulated, and taxed manor.


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Study Shows Missouri Could Make $149 Million off of Marijuana Legalization…

Last night America watched the two vice presidential candidates argue over taxes and the economy.  We did not hear any fresh ideas, but thankfully, a study in Missouri will provide us with information as to how we can jumpstart the economy.  Three states will have their residents vote on whether or not to legalize, regulate, and tax recreational marijuana.  In the above story we already mentioned Colorado, but Oregon and Washington State will also be putting similar measures to the people.  Missouri may join these states in the future as a study released by the groups National Cannabis Coalition and Show-Me Cannabis with the help of Harvard University economist Dr. Jeffrey Miron.  According to the groups Missouri would generate over $149 million if the state legalized marijuana.  This statistic includes $90 million saved by reducing funds associated with incarcerations, arrests, and prosecutions of marijuana offenders.  The additional $59 million would come through taxes placed on marijuana sales.  Dr. Miron said “The main thing I hope people think about is, ‘Why should the government be intervening with individuals using marijuana?”


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City Of Oakland Stands Up For Patients and Local Collectives….

Federal agents have been targeting the world’s largest medical marijuana dispensary, Harborside Health Center, for some time now.  Harborside is known to serve many patients and has gained even more attention as they were the focus of a Discovery Channel show, Weed Wars.  The Feds are attempting to seize the property that Harborside Health occupies, however, in what may be an unprecedented move, the City of Oakland is not sitting idle.  They have filed a lawsuit contending the federal government’s right to do so.  City Attorney Barbara Parker said “This lawsuit is about protecting the rights of legitimate medical patients. “I am deeply dismayed that the federal government would seek to deny these rights and deprive thousands of seriously ill Californians of access to safe, affordable and effective medicine.”   Harborside’s famous Executive Director, Steve DeAngelo said  “It is heartening to see the city stand up and support us.”  Oakland is notoriously struggling financially and many analysts are wondering how big the impact would be if Harborside was closed.  The dispensary paid $3.5 million in taxes with over $1 million going directly to the city of Oakland.


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