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Wishing Safety For Those in the Path of Hurricane Sandy

hurricane sandy

Much of the Northeast is currently dealing with the impact of Hurricane Sandy.  We at are hoping that everyone in the region finds safety until the storm passes through. High winds, power outages, and flooding are among the immediate concerns for millions.  It is also important to remember those who are working hard to fix power outages in dangerous conditions.  Police, firemen, rescue workers, and the National Guard are also at risk as they help those impacted by the storm.

Although the situation is alarming, we find that these are the times where people come together and help their fellow neighbors.  As the Northeast dries out and the floods go down we know there may be a long road to repairing the damage.  We want everyone to stay safe but if you are fortunate enough to have power and an internet connection, we encourage you to share your stories with us in the comment section of this article.


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Medical Marijuana Industry News October 26, 2012


Medical Marijuana Industry Sees Major Victory in San Diego Appeals Court…

For the most part, defendants are allowed to invoke state laws as a defense, otherwise why would the laws be on the books.  However, in California this is not always the case.  California Attorney General, Kamala Harris, has fought hard to prevent dispensary operators from citing state laws in their defense.  This may have all changed as a Jovan Jackson was found guilty on marijuana sales charges after a lower court refused to allow them to use California’s legal medical marijuana laws as a defense.  However an appeals court in San Diego has handed Ms. Harris a a defeat and has ruled that Jovan Jackson will be entitled to using California’s state law as a defense.  Many analsts feel this case will be helpful for future protections against federal prosecution.


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Drug Cartels Pleased With U.S. Election…

As mentioned earlier this week, there has been almost no mention of the War on Drugs and cartel violence.  With over 60,000 deaths related to cartel violence in over the last several years, it is inexcusable that the issue does not receive more attention.  Marijuana accounts for the cartel’s largest export and the United State’s policy of criminalization has resulted in massive profits for  Mexican drug cartels.  The popular news outlet, breaks down the issue in more detail.

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Former LSU Player Arrested on Charges of Marijuana Possession….

Tyrann Mathieu used to be nicknamed the “Honey Badger”.  He has certainly fallen from grace as he was dismissed from LSU over the summer for several failed drug tests.  Mathieu has now been arrested again for possessing “10 bags of high grade marijuana”.  Before the arrest he was planning on enrolling and returning to LSU and had already entered and returned from rehab.  Many thought his dismissal was severe punishment and the story in August highlighted the NCAA”s profiting off of student athletes and their names without returning any of the profits to the players.  Even LSU’s coach, who is not a marijuana supporter, questioned the University’s decision to turn their back on Mathieu.  He even questioned what would happen of Mathieu drank beer instead of using marijuana.  Of course the recent arrest will not elicit sympathy from the public but may highlight the difficulties and pressures of NCAA football and how disposable the student athletes seem to be when they face difficulties.

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