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Colorado’s first licensed cannabis R&D firm to study marijuana’s effect on Alzheimer’s disease

A Denver-based company hopes to be the state’s first to study the effects of marijuana on Alzheimer’s disease, thanks to a newly available research and development license in the city.

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Synthetic marijuana, bright lights could help dementia patients

New treatment safe and effective in battling agitation, lack of appetite and other behavioral symptoms

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Study: Long-term Cannabis Use Not Associated With Loss Of Memory or Cognitive Deficiency


If this involves maintaining your mind sharp for that long-term, there’s laundry listing of products to prevent. Stress and diet may cause loss of memory. Prolonged alcohol consumption along with other drugs can lead to devastating long-term issues . Remarkably, new research implies that long-term marijuana me is not associated with long-term issues with memory and cognitive function.

These tests incorporated samples from both people who smoke and non cannabis customers. Initially, tests appear to exhibit what many might have expected. The performance of cannabis customers on cognitive tests appeared to become less than non-customers. However, after further scrutiny from the test populous, these variations evaporated. For example, it had been proven that males were carrying out lower around the tests than women. This isn’t surprising as science has recognized that on standardized tests of the character, males often score lower. Another component that demonstrated to become a better predictor of results was education. Most of the marijuana customers that required part within the tests was without a higher education. Education demonstrated to become much more of an important factor than did previous cannabis use.

These answers are encouraging for individuals who medicate with cannabis. Many feel other product choice when seeking relief when they don’t want to go to addictive or costly pharmaceutical drugs. Now there’s evidence to point out that cognitive unwanted effects might be unlikely. Besides medical marijuana’s physically soothing qualities, understanding that long-term damage doesn’t appear likely may also be comforting for patients.

These groundbreaking results certainly defy many Hollywood stereotypes. Harold and Kumar 3 may occur entirely inside a quiet library. This research can serve as another encouraging bit of evidence within the ongoing public debate over marijuana’s harm. Confirmation of their medical value appears to become growing and when among the longest held and stereotypical unwanted effects doesn’t exist, which side detractors use next?

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