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New Job – I had to become an “Ex-Smoker”


I had to become an ex-smoker

High Every Day

In one afternoon, in one moment, my life changed. I got an offer letter for a job which was actually related to the major I studied in college! It was spot on to my major and it was really a good offer. A no-brainer. I had to take it. I could not refuse this, or mess it up.  I had to change my lifestyle.

My current lifestyle was really chill to say the least. Working just enough to pay 1/3 of the bills in a small house left me plenty of free time. In that free time I goofed off a lot, I really wasn’t taking anything too serious, we called it “chillaxing”.

Among other things, part of my lifestyle was smoking weed daily. I really did not think anything of it, in my circle it was a pretty common thing to do and it didn’t really seem to hurt the success or goals of anyone I knew. In fact, I think if you drink beer or liquor daily that is more of a problem.

At first, when I stopped, I simply could not get to sleep. Everything else was cool, a bit different but OK. My friends knew that I was going to start working in the area of my dreams so they understood that it just wasn’t possible for me to continue smoking. Peer pressure just was not a factor for me.

I gave in and ended up smoking some to sleep. I became the proverbial “Midnight Toker”.

That worked out for abut a week, then the morning and afternoon cravings came. Here I was trying to get all my ducks in a row and now I had this monkey on my back constantly prodding me to smoke a bowl. The monkey won. I was back to square one.

One of my buddies noticed, he was actually one of my hook-ups. He said he knew where I was at and he used something called Cannitrol to help him with tolerance breaks, he was a very serious smoker. He knew (and still knows) his stuff He gave me one of his bottles which was about 1/2 full. This was a really odd gesture from someone I bought pot from, but hey I tried it, and it worked! It only took a few weeks and then I was able to control my use, the monkey was gone!

My new job is great, the field is pretty liberal. It dosen’t really matter much that I used to be a pothead, heck most of my co-workers used to be. However, a current stoner just would not be tolerated. On occasion there is even a joint passed at work-related social gatherings, but now its MY choice to puff or pass, not some monkey calling the shots!



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