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My Quit Smoking Pot Program

Stop Smoking Pot Tips

Andrew Williams

I have battled with on again off again weed use for over 15 years. Although I can’t honestly say that smoking pot is nothing but trouble, it has cost me some good jobs and relationships so I reached the point where it just wasn’t worth it. It was a change for sure to stop smoking, […]

New Job – I had to become an “Ex-Smoker”

I Just could not Stop!

  In one afternoon, in one moment, my life changed. I got an offer letter for a job which was actually related to the major I studied in college! It was spot on to my major and it was really a good offer. A no-brainer. I had to take it. I could not refuse this, or mess […]

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I was smoking WAY TOO MUCH Marijuana


I used cannitrol to get myself together and not smoke EVERY DAY. I went to school in Maryland, not much do do there, hang out, party, drive around. The highlight was to drive ocean city and party in the summer. Weed was also something to do, me and a lot of my friends smoked it, sold […]

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How cannitrol worked for me


Cannitrol worked for me, this is how The 2 Week Challenge: I really hung in there for the first two weeks of taking Cannitrol. When I quit smoking marijuana my body experienced a myriad of side effects such as loss of sleep, cold sweats in the middle of the night, a feeling of depression and the desire to […]