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Charlotte Paige

Exactly why is Good Medicine Being Overlooked?


It appears the responsibility of proof for medicinal marijuana is way more than every other treatment.  Opiate based drugs costing the American tax payers 400 billion dollars each year, by means of rehab and er visits.  Despite the cost in both dollars and lives,  tough questions never appear to follow along with the manufacturers of medication like Oxycontin.

There has been numerous recommendations and scientific studies highlights the therapeutic advantages of marijuana.  However, despite significant evidence,  the problem continues to be  ignored by congress.  The public has proven tremendous support for medicinal marijuana,  but from the distance.  While the public extremely thinks a health care provider must have the authority to recommend marijuana, a lot of the general public appears resistant to simply how much certain people need medical cannabis to enhance the standard of the lives.

Hopefully among the latest miracle tales can push the conversation in to the limelight.  Six years old Charlotte now Figi has dravet syndrome,  which typically triggered her20-60 seizures each day.  Most remedies produced couple of results until she was recommended a strict diet along with a regimen of pills.  While this assisted lessen the seizures, the possible lack of diet triggered bone loss.  Charlotte’s parents, Paige and Matt Figi found themselves within an very difficult situation and made the decision to find medicinal marijuana like a treatment option.  Many doctors switched them lower, however they could finally get a medicinal marijuana license with the aid of Dr. Margaret Gedde and Dr. Alan Shackelford .  Charlotte now is given stress with really low THC levels and CBD levels for discomfort relief.  The stress has become referred to as “Charlotte’s Web”.  Charlotte’s mother squirts a liquid type of marijuana under her tongue, choosing for any safer injection method.

When the public understands just how much suffering could be removed, passions will ignite the push for marijuana reform.  For a lot of, cannabis is relief that practically develops on trees.  For a long time, Charlotte’s along with other patient tales happen to be rarely released through mainstream media shops.  From sight, from mind will no more be a reason.

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