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Holy Grail

Holy Grail Marijuana Strain Review

Holy Grail is a heavenly hybrid of epic proportion. Originally cultivated by the magical bean breeders at DNA Genetics & Reserva Privada, the Holy Grail strain took first place for hybrid seeds during the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup (HTCC).

The Result: Being the progeny of award winning parents (Kosher Kush & OG 18), Holy Grail came out on top of the hybrid competition, and is said to have taken home the first-ever perfect score at a HTCC competition.

Type: Indica Hybrid

Also Known As: Holy Grail Kush

Genetics:  OG #18 & Kosher Kush

Origin:  DNA Genetics & Reserva Privada

How Stoned Will You Get: Holy Grail Hits an 8 out of 10 in strength

Average THC: 23%

Average Price Per ?: $40

Awards: Hybrids — 2011 HTCC.

Dispensaries Carrying Holy Grail: 19

Strain Profile/The Science: The admiration heaped upon the Holy Grail revolves around the strains over-the-top potency. Featuring THC levels that have tested at well-over 20%, this modern hybrid instills a slightly mellower high than its name might suggest.

Appearance: As a hybrid, the Holy Grail strain combines the complex phenotypes commonly found in two of today’s more popular Indicas. Producing a pocket-sized plant that resides on the shorter side of the height spectrum.

Consistency: The Holy Grail strain produces sticky dense nugs that are thick with resin and blanketed in THC rich trichomes.

Scent: The intricate mix of flavonoids in Holy Grail produces a seriously spicy aroma – easily as visually impressive as the strain is potent – the aromatic quality of this hybrid is that of an untainted Kush. Rich with a uniquely complex spicy/citrus fragrance, this strain is easily detectable while being cultivated and once harvested … so growers beware.

Taste: Spicy / citrus

Effect: Incredibly stoney

Strain Background: Kosher Kush & OG 18

Growth and Seed Info: As is the case with most hybrids, the Holy Grail strain tends to produce a slightly more nuanced bud. Short, stocky, and ready to flower at the drop of a light switch – this strain works perfect for the indoor cultivator.

Pros: Known to produce a blissful and relaxed state of mind

Cons: Red eyes, dry mouth and occasional paranoia

Original Breeder: DNA Genetics & Reserva Privada

Current Breeder: DNA Genetics & Reserva Privada

Known Phenotypes: Produces Indica sized flowers from short / stout females

Seed Bank of Choice: Seed Mine

Flowering Time: 6 – 8 weeks

Flowering Type: Dense

Growth Height: Short, yet dense

Expected Yield: 1 – 4 ounces (Depending on the skill of the cultivator)

Garden Skill Level:  Intermediate

Breeder Quote/Advice: Perfect for indoor cultivation

Medical Uses: Holy Grail is known to increase appetite, reduce incidences of insomnia, minimize depression, reduce pain and mitigate daily stress.

Verdict: As a cross between Kosher Kush and OG 18, Holy Grail provides it’s consumer a spicy hit of one of today’s more potent strains. Great for the intermediate gardener, this strain thrives in the indoor environment.

Related Strains: OG 18 & Kosher Kush

Family: Indica / OG with spicy overtones

In the below 2011 video, Gil and Miss High Times review some frosty Holy Grail nugs from the now closed Costa Mesa Patient’s Association.

(Photo Courtesy Of Gil Mota)

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Nederlander Police Raid Cannabis Cup 2011

dutch police

In the World Cup, towards the Stanley Cup, towards the Ultimate Goal, cups have loved a dominant role in history.  Most are presented towards the victorious within an honorable and ceremonious manor.  Using the 24th Annual High Occasions Cannabis Cup now, participants from around the globe were wishing for any fun competition.

Unlike the upbeat vibe associated the prior occasions, the atmosphere was tossed off target when a large number of police demonstrated to conduct a raid.  The big event was split up and all sorts of participants were needed to depart.  High Times’ site reported on Wednesday (11/23) the event would resume.  The website also continued to state that reviews indicated there is a quarrel on the permit application.  There has been no updates since, therefore we not able to verify when the event began support.

While there’s been a change in Nederlander lawmaker’s sentiment on marijuana enforcement, the very first raid within the event’s 24 year history is surprising.  The Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam seems to possess bumpy road later on too.  New laws and regulations are going to result in the purchase of marijuana within the Netherlands illegal to non Nederlander people.  This appears basically assured to place the event’s worldwide appeal in serious risk.

Even though the cup may face some uncertainty in Amsterdam, the big event will certainly survive.  Location isn’t likely to derail the large worldwide enthusiasm produced in the Cannabis Cup.  A town somewhere would like for hosting the affair and reap the economical advantages of vacationers.  Even when the big event remains in Amsterdam, format changes may have the ability to keep your spirit from the Cannabis Cup intact.  Furthermore, political actions frequently are available in waves.  If reduced tourism is caused by the brand new marijuana laws and regulations, it could actually come with an adverse impact on a previously slowing down Nederlander economy.  Momentum could swing rapidly toward rebuilding the cup’s tradition.

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