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Updates on Upcoming Ballot Initiatives

ballot initiative

We at are always trying to report on the newest developments for the upcoming 2012 election in November.  Ballot initiatives have been the largest contributor to a restoration of rights that we have seen dissipate over the last century.  Because of this, we would like to provide highlights on some of the ballot initiatives that could see result in more legalization and decriminalization of cannabis.

First we were happy to read about new polls that show Colorado residents seemed inclined to legalize marijuana this November.  The group Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol collected enough signatures to get the issue to the ballots and will be voted on by the people.  However, a previous 2006 vote in Colorado was rejected by the people so there is still doubt.  Fortunately polls are showing that a majority of residents in Colorado seemed more likely to approve the measure this time around.  A survey conducted by the Public Policy Polling group showed that 47% are currently in favor of Amendment 64 and legalization while 38% oppose the measure with 15% unsure.  There appears to be a very real chance that Colorado will be legalizing and regulating marijuana after November.

Michigan has demonstrated the value of ballot initiatives for a while now.  Kalamazoo had its residents vote and approve a measure that made marijuana the lowest priority for its police department.  Additionally, Detroit will vote to drastically decriminalize marijuana this November.  Grand Rapids appears to be the next Michigan city ready to take matters into their own hands.  A group named Decriminalize GR collected enough signatures which had to amount to 5% (6,565 signatures) of the Grand Rapids population.  The signatures were approved and were considered valid by the City Commission.

A failure of governing has resulted in the people taking the initiative.  We need access to medication and a system of regulation that will tax, test, and dispense marijuana.  As politicians have begged for the issue to disappear we can thank the people for accepting that cannabis is here to stay, and needs to be regulated.


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