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Winners of Colorado Cannabis Cup

four medical cannabis cups

The 2012 High Times Medical Marijuana Cannabis Cup was one of many celebrations over the 420 weekend. was on hand to promote safe access, education, and patient rights.  We also entered applicants in to win vaporizers.  Those results will be posted on Wednesday, so check your email!  We will also be describing some of the other businesses and organizations who attended the weekend’s festivities.  Now below check out the list of winners.


Best Indica

1.  Pink House Blooms- SFV OG

2. Kurple Fantasy– 420 Wellness Almeda

3. Cataract Kush– River Rock North


Best Sativa

1.  Star Dawg Guava– Clinic on Holly

2.  Red Headed Stranger– Natural Remedies

3.  Jack Herer – Medicine Man Denver


Best Hybrid

1.   Skunkberry– Green Man Cannabis

2. Jack Flash– Fresh Bake Boulder

3.  Rascal OG– Clinic on Holly


Best Concentrate

1.  Top Shelf Extracts- 707 Head Band Chatter

2.  Strawberry Cough Nector- Clinic Highlands

3.  Blueberry Extract- River Rock North


Best Non Solvent Extract

1. Essential Extracts



Best Product

1.  Mamma P’s Wholesome Grinders

2.  Hitman- Glass Chess Piecebook

3.  Essential Bags By The Trim Shop


Best Glass

1.  Mad Hatters

2.  Hitman Glass

3.  Dope Ass Glass


Best Booth

1.  Incredibowl

2.  Pink House  Blues

3.  Black Valley


Best Edible

1.  Mint Chocolate Bar- Doba Chocolate

2.  Chocolate Treuffel – Dix Elixirs

3.  Bubble Browny


Highest CBD Strain

1.  CBD Oil- River Rock South

2. R4- The Greenworks

3.  Torah Borah0 Natural Mystic Caregivers


People’s Choice

1.  Pink House Blooms Super Silver Haze and Clinic on Holly for Kosher Kush


Lifetime Achievement Award

Keith Stroup

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