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Marijuana-fueled crash in Douglas County snuffs life of young woman, triggers “black hole of grief”

A Douglas County judge has sentenced a 20-year-old man to eight years in prison after the marijuana-impaired driver caused a four-car crash that killed a 24-year-old woman.

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Risk of stoned driver crashes grows as legal marijuana spreads across U.S., according to study

As the push to legalize marijuana gains momentum, so is evidence that more permissive policies on the drug are putting motorists at risk.

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2 people hurt in Colorado Springs chain-reaction crash

Police in Colorado say two people were injured in a chain reaction accident that involved at least a dozen cars.

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As Colorado auto deaths involving marijuana rise, CDOT is asking thousands how they feel about driving under pot’s influence

Amid a rise in Colorado auto fatalities involving marijuana, state transportation officials are surveying thousands of residents this year to better understand public attitudes toward driving under the influence of pot, with the hopes of blunting the increasingly deadly trend.

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Marijuana’s 4/20 holiday tied to rise in fatal car crashes

Researchers analyzed U.S. government data on fatal traffic accidents from 1992 through 2016. They compared driver deaths on that date with deaths on a day the week before and the week after during the study period.

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Efforts to curtail marijuana-impaired driving collide with evolving attitudes, medicinal use

Promoting cannabis as a safer alternative to alcohol was a tenet of the marijuana legalization movements in Colorado and other states. Early data indicate that attitude continues when people get behind the wheel.

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Denver Post launches series examining effects of marijuana legalization in Colorado

Four years after Colorado voters passed Amendment 64 legalizing the sale of recreational marijuana, The Denver Post is taking a deeper look into the impact the drug has had on the state. First up: the presence of marijuana in fatal crashes across the state.

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Study: Legal Marijuana Results in Less Traffic Deaths

car crash

Like day and night, People in america thought of marijuana has transformed drastically within the decades.   Scientists are showing proof of cannabis’ additional benefits regularly.  Towards the surprise of nobody, actual studies have demonstrated to show much more details about marijuana then shouting anti-speaking points.

With constant updates on marijuana’s medical value, it might be simple to miss the latest findings.    However, all of us might be surprised to understand that new research carried out signifies that states with legal marijuana use have experienced a considerable reduction in traffic deaths.  This, consequently, provides advocates with another reliable argument and medicinal marijuana can also add another impressive fact to the growing resume.  While more research must be carried out, it seems marijuana can claim that they can combat the main leader in American deaths between your age range of 5-34.  The research, consuming account data from 1990-2009, discovered that states with legal medicinal marijuana saw a 9% stop by fatal car accidents.  Furthermore, research outlined that fatal crashes including alcohol came by 12% and all sorts of crashes including high amounts of alcohol dropped 14%.  The study’s lead author, Professor Daniel Rees in the College of Colorado, echoes the phone call for additional research and mentioned “We were amazed because when little is famous concerning the results of legalizing medicinal marijuana.”  Also, he established that traffic statistics serve research perfectly “because there’s good data, and also the data let us test whether alcohol would be a factor.”

You will find likely several factors why these tips have been revealed.  People might be replacing alcohol with marijuana.  While researches haven’t yet agree if marijuana impairs driving, the earth has arrived at a consensus around the risks of mixing alcohol and operating a vehicle (see DWI rates).  Marijuana could also make customers more careful even though it is obvious that any and each inhibition might be shed with drinking.  Furthermore, marijuana use typically happens inside a less social setting.  Many occasions it’s used in your own home, clearly reducing the opportunity of a vehicle crash.

These results come at any given time where advocates happen to be flooded with news of marijuana benefits.  Research conducted recently also demonstrated that legal medicinal marijuana didn’t have impact on the speed of teenage cannabis use.  Individuals who to put it simply their fingers within their ears throughout serious marijuana discussions may dismiss the findings, however they could also use their side and see much less individuals their corner.  Like a country, many jump to conclusions (in marijuana’s situation for many years), but People in america also have a tendency to change their brains, especially when confronted with a lot research.

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