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Quality Weed for sale at affordable prices ! is a consortium of marijuana growers across US –Canada-UK-EU-Germany-Australia. Our focus is affordable easy access to medicinal products. All our shippers are experts, professional growers,  Our hero is Rick Simpson, Mr. Simpson inspired us to make it easy and affordable to get your marijuana thc/cbd products easily and safely. We are good people; we […]

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The Euflora Cannabis Company in Colorado

Euflora is Colorado’s only dispensary located right on 16th St Mall. They welcome anybody over the age of 21 years old not only from Colorado but from around the world. The 6,000 sq ft retail location is centrally located on the 16 St Mall near many Downtown Denver Hotels, the Convention Center, the Pavilions Mall and […]

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Cannabis Terpenes and CBD for Sale Mr Terps

Cannabis Terpenes and CBD for Sale Mr Terps  You are free to ask a cannabis connoisseur and he would agree that there are identical cannabis strains with high CBD levels. From the hint of blueberry all the way to strong earthy aroma, the zesty citrus punch to slight diesel like after taste, the taste body […]

Using CBD for the Treatment of Seizures in Dogs

The usefulness of medical marijuana in alleviating several disease conditions is well known all over the world. Medical marijuana is exceptionally effective when it comes to managing epileptic seizures. One of such pharmaceutical derivatives from marijuana is Canabilidol (CBD).  The managementof epilepsy and Dravet’s syndrome is yielding better result with the introduction of strains and […]

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The Cali Ring – Jewellery for smokers with a purpose

A bold new style. Original pieces with a purpose. The creator of the Cali Ring thought of this idea when they were at home one afternoon playing COD and smoking. They wanted to smoke but were on a streak and did not want to stop. A thought occurred, “I wish there were a way to […]

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Opportunities to make cash in the marijuana industry are becoming available

The marijuana industry is taking flight. As more states legalize recreational and medical marijuana, more opportunities to cash in are becoming available. New jobs are being created every day as states ramp up their cannabis production to meet the high demand of hungry consumers. Just less than a decade ago the United States was in […]

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Cannalendar 2017 – 100% original: KIF in the RIF

Cannalendar 2017 – 100% original: KIF in the RIF The only photo wall calendar about the Valley of Rif, in Morocco, the cradle of the best hashish in the world, the Red Bubble, in Morocco, an ocean of marijuana plants, where more than 500 towns grow marijuana peacefully to make hashish for all the world. […]

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Massachusetts Marijuana Site provides info for Massachusetts Marijuana use

Massachusetts, USA– The Massachusetts Marijuana Legalization Initiative was put on the November 8th, 2015 statewide ballot, and was approved with a 53.57% “Yes” vote. The provisions made as part of the initiative are set to go into effect on December 15th, 2016. In light of recent events, Massachusetts residents are in need of a comprehensive […]

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The National Compassion Club of Canada

  The National compassion club provides access to medical cannabis and medical cannabis derivatives for medical patients in Canada. Currently, services are offered via online ordering with same day shipping via Canada Post To be eligible for membership you must be a resident of Canada and over the age of 19. To register, complete the […]

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