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Detox: How to Flush Marijuana’s THC Metabolites From Your System

Marijuana’s many cannabinoids are medicinal therapy for a host of complex ailments; MS, PTSD, cancer, and epilepsy, just to name a few. That said, there’s also a good chance they could make passing your next drug test a tad more complicated. Whether hoping to pass a health insurance screening or a workplace drug test, there are countless […] Thanks to

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Finding cannabinoids in hair does not prove cannabis consumption

Hair analysis for cannabinoids is extensively applied in workplace drug testing and in child protection cases, although valid data on incorporation of the main analytical targets, 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and 11-nor-9-carboxy-THC (THC-COOH), into human hair is widely missing. Furthermore, ?9-tetrahydrocannabinolic acid A (THCA-A), the biogenetic precursor of THC, is found in the hair of persons who […]


Marijuana and Sports athletes

Approaching Super Bowl Sunday, America&#8217s favorite holiday, we at Marijuana.internet question concerning the sports athletes available who use cannabis.  So why do they smoke marijuana?  Will it be for its medicinal qualities, or personal enjoyment?  These professionals have a great deal to lose if they’re caught utilizing it.  They likewise have use of cutting …continue reading through

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