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BIG3 basketball league allows players to use CBD for pain relief, recovery

The BIG3 says players in the 3-on-3 league of former NBA players are allowed to use cannabidiol, or CBD, for pain management and recovery.

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Former NBA player Glen “Big Baby” Davis arrested on marijuana charges

Police say former NBA player Glen “Big Baby” Davis was arrested in a Maryland hotel last month on drug possession and distribution charges.

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Marijuana and Sports News


Sports are looking up.

In the past month the marijuana community has heard some great news from the world of sports.  And this news comes from around the world.  The National Basketball Association (USA) has decided to soften its approach to marijuana testing.  The Australian Coalition of Major Professional and Participation Sports (COMPPS) has also decided to take a new look at what constitutes “performance enhancing drugs” as opposed to simply “banned substances” and all of this is causing the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to also review its rules.  Furthermore, UFC fighter Nick Diaz’s recent drug suspension and legal rebuttals are forcing the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) and the UFC to also address their stance on marijuana.  Also, Martin Mayhew, GM of the Detroit Lions, has also spoken of his views on marijuana usage by NFL players and draftees.  As these incidents move forward, the sports world is poised to make decisions that can and will have ripple effects outside of sports into the social and political fabric of the world.  Although nothing has been set in stone yet, the best part is that all these associations are taking the time to look at marijuana in a methodical and scientifically informed manner to reach a proper decision.  It appears that old prejudices and scare stories may be set aside with old arbitrary rulings.

The latest thunder from down under comes with quite a bang as the COMPPS has said that it believes marijuana should not be grouped with performance enhancers such as Human Growth Hormone and Anabolic steroids.  Under current WADA rules a substance is placed on the banned list if it meets the following criteria: “It’s proven to be performance enhancing, it goes against the spirit of the sport, or it’s dangerous to the health of athletes.”  Under those rules, anyone who tests positive for marijuana faces a two-year ban.  With COMPPS’ declaration it seems that things are going to relax a bit for Australian athletes.  Although, if any compete on an international level they are still subject to WADA rules.  However, WADA President John Fahey had this to say, “There are those who believe our current criteria needs to be amended and that will be given appropriate consideration through this review process…Specifically to cannabis, I can only say to those, particularly in the football codes who have expressed concern that we’re focusing on an area that really isn’t about cheating in sport, I urge them to put a request up to WADA, which will be given to our list committee, who will examine it…I won’t express a view I’ll simply say it will be thoroughly examined. There are some substances today that are banned in some sports, but not in others. That may well be an option they [the WADA banned-list committee] may wish to come to the board with in due course. But I won’t pre-empt that, I’ll let them decide without any influence from me.”  The sports world will have to wait a while for any final determination, as WADA’s new drug codes will not be released until November 2013.

American sports commissions are also moving in a positive direction.  When the NBA restructured its labor agreement they altered their drug testing policy.  As it now stands, players will only be tested for performance-enhancing drugs during the off-season.  Marijuana is no longer on that list.  Although illegal during the season, it means that players who use marijuana for pain or anxiety will get to medicate without fear of suspensions once that final buzzer has sounded.  Inside the NFL it seems that cannabis is causing quite a stir.  The Detroit Lions have made headlines as several of this year’s draft picks have been arrested for marijuana-related charges.  The Lions are not the only team whose players have had troubles in the recent past (The New England Patriots and Cincinnati Bengals also made the news for their players). But it seems that the league is thinking less of this controversy as its toxicity has waned to the public eye.  The Lions’ GM Martin Mayhew recently spoke out about players’ off-field actions and concerns.  Although contracts will still have morality clauses, and players should think before breaking the law, it appears that league penalties may reduce in severity and clubs will have more flexibility in handling these affairs.

From the Ultimate Fighting Championship comes news concerning contender Nick Diaz.  After fighting at UFC 143 in February he tested positive for marijuana metabolites, the residual compounds indicative of marijuana use.  Nick has tested positive once before and this may lead to sterner reprimands for the second charge.  Nick is a California native and holds a medical marijuana card from the state.  However, the fight and test were conducted in Nevada, and under NSAC rules he is immediately suspended for 45 days pending a hearing.  At this time, the 45 day limit has expired and Nick is suing for violation of his due process rights, concerning his rights to make a living.  NSAC executive director Keith Kizer spoke about the suspension and an in-court statement that failing his drug test posed a “threat to public safety.” Kizer took the stance that marijuana is not on the NSAC approved substance list and therefore Nick is in violation.  His statement did seem to leave an opening for a debate on whether or not marijuana should continue to be on the banned substance list.  Diaz has stated that he medicates in order to control his ADHD which would impair his ability to focus on training, as well as for pain management.  And furthermore, he does not medicate in the week prior to his fights to keep his head clear and reflexes sharp.  This certainly seems unjust considering that professional ballplayers can get a shot of cortisone and take a few pain killers so they can pitch in an ALCS game, and not to be able to recall the game later.

The case for marijuana has never been stronger.  It’s presence abounds in state’s politics, as it jockeys for position in the national spotlight.  The horrors of the failed Drug War in Mexico make headlines every week.  And now it is taking over the spotlight in global sports.  Many have called for national talks concerning its legality. But believes now is the right time for a worldwide reckoning concerning the future of humanity and the cannabis plant.  It offers so much to help mankind, and asks for so little in return; it only needs a plot of land, steady sunshine, and some water.  Hey ref, put down the red card.

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Update on International Marijuana Issues

updates around the world

Support for marijuana reform seems to be growing all around America.  As has suggested previously, President Barack Obama has been getting pressured on the issue an awful lot lately.  Marijuana’s benefits are not simply a domestic issue and there have been interesting updates from around the globe.

Over the weekend, briefly spoke about a new trend in professional sports that refreshingly was not about inflating ticket prices, player salaries or owner profits.  The NBA has already decided not to test its players for marijuana in the offseason and the Detroit Lions‘ general manager Martin Mayhew has indicated that he is not overly concerned with his players being arrested for marijuana.  Building on this trend internationally, Australia’s Coalition of Major Professional and Participation Sports has recently said that marijuana should not be grouped with performance enhancing drugs such as steroids or Human Growth Hormone.  Unlike the United States (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS etc.), Australia has one organization that represents many of the different professional sports.  As Martin Mayhew suggested, the culture is changing and athletes in their prime are in their 20s.  Altering the approach professional sports takes on marijuana seems to be very crucial moving forward.

We have already witnessed the pressure put on the United States and President Obama from our neighbors to the south to change marijuana laws.  Now, mayors from British Columbia cities in Canada are also calling for a new approach to cannabis law enforcement.  Eight mayors are now officially calling for marijuana legalization in order to reduce crime and violence associated with cannabis laws.  The mayors are also seeking to generate tax funds from a regulated marijuana system.

In particular, Mayor Gregor Robertson of Vancouver recently stated in a letter to the Canadian government, “As mayors of BC municipalities, we are fully aware of the harms stemming from the province’s large illegal marijuana industry, “Our communities have been deeply affected by the consequences of marijuana prohibition including large-scale grow-ops, increased organized crime and ongoing gang violence.  It is time to tax and strictly regulate marijuana under a public health framework; regulating marijuana would allow the government to rationally address the health concerns of marijuana, raise government tax revenue and eliminate the huge profits from the marijuana industry that flow directly to organized crime.”

It is great to see a progressive approach from other countries even though the Netherlands seems to be trying to uphold their recent ban on allowing tourists to purchase marijuana.  The plan is controversial and may cripple Holland tourism so it will be interesting to see if the ban remains permanently.  If the ban on Amsterdam coffee shops hurts the Dutch economy, will the United States take note?  Even with tough talk from the feds it seems that marijuana has gotten over the hump and moved into mainstream acceptability.

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Professional Sports seems to be Softening Stance on Marijuana

professional drug testing

The Detroit Lions have been dealing with media backlash because several of their players have been caught with marijuana.  American culture has changed considerably and for 20 somethings marijuana seems to be accepted, or at least not vilified.  The Detroit Lions GM, Martin Mayhew seems to recognize the changing culture and said this week “The league has really changed over the years, . “If you go back 10, 15 years ago, and a guy had a positive test, that was a big deal. That was something to be very concerned about. It still is, but not at the level it was years ago. There are certain things we want to hear from guys. There are certain things we don’t want to hear from guys. It doesn’t help us to tell you (media) what those things are.”  Professional sports are played by those who in their 20’s and 30’s so it is no surprise they represent modern culture.  The NBA has already altered their marijuana testing policy and will not test players in the offseason.  If athletes are role models, will America accept that they use cannabis in their spare time?


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National basketball association Makes Major Switch to Marijuana Insurance policy for Gamers


While marijuana.internet doesn’t typically participate in sports coverage, there has been interesting developments which have triggered us to grow our horizons.  Over the past weekend we covered how medicinal marijuana might help patients enjoy scrumptious meals and become more active.  Furthermore, we wish to take this chance to explain quite interesting recent alterations in the NBA’s marijuana policy.

A couple of America’s major sports organizations appeared determined to miss this year entirely because of labor arguments.  The National football league union and proprietors did accept a CBA (Collective Negotiating Agreement) prior to a complete season.  There is intense pressure of these leagues arrive at a contract as America wasn’t happy with watching the fight between uniform gamers and billionaire proprietors engage in in media.  The National basketball association wasn’t as quick arrive at a contract and fans were instructed to miss many games using their favorite basketball teams.  After they did, the discussion rapidly switched to guaranteed salaries and player movement. However,  one key bit of information was not so promoted relating towards the National basketball association agreement.  The National basketball association is now the very first major professional sports organization in the usa to consider a smart approach toward changing their marijuana policy.

The National basketball association will no more be testing its gamers for marijuana use within the off-season.  Marijuana use has much less unwanted effects than anabolic steroids/Human growth hormone.  Strangely enough, marijuana continues to be examined for in professional sports for a lot more than anabolic steroids and hgh.  Sports associations took a harsh stance on marijuana in the last several decades with severe fines and headgear made toward gamers who’re caught with marijuana.  Certainly one of basketballs most well-known elder statesman, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, is known for using marijuana to assist him deal with nausea and migraines.  He’s still probably the most prominent faces from the National basketball association and simply among the best gamers ever.  It had been introduced in November of 2009 that Kareem Abdul Jabbar had cancer (chronic myeloid leukemia), but fortunately what is the news was accompanied by his admission in Feb of 2011 that his cancer was at remission.  While we don’t know without a doubt, it can make us question when the National basketball association great assisted result in a alternation in sentiment on marijuana for team proprietors and also the usually iron fisted Commissioner David Stern.

We live at a time with instant updates and appearance inches on facebook , although a lot of still do value their privacy.  The National basketball association gamers believe that the things they’re doing by themselves time ought to be a choice that is better left as much as them.  This can be a major public industry which has significantly changed their marijuana policy.  Hopefully this victory for that gamers will gather momentum and reward patients and advocates too.

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Marijuana and Sports athletes

Approaching Super Bowl Sunday, America&#8217s favorite holiday, we at Marijuana.internet question concerning the sports athletes available who use cannabis.  So why do they smoke marijuana?  Will it be for its medicinal qualities, or personal enjoyment?  These professionals have a great deal to lose if they’re caught utilizing it.  They likewise have use of cutting …continue reading through

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