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Edgewater’s $13 million civic center, partly funded by cannabis cash, opens Sunday

This weekend, thanks to its bustling marijuana trade, this tiny city on the western shore of Sloan’s Lake will forge a new civic identity with the opening of a $13 million municipal complex complete with library, police station, fitness center and city offices.

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The Spot newsletter: Colorado legislative session ends with fireworks, a look at the state’s most competitive congressional race and a sad update on Aurora’s mayor

Welcome back to The Spot, where The Denver Post’s politics team captures what’s happening this week — from the Colorado legislature to Denver city hall, with a stop through the halls of Congress in Washington, D.C.

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Here are the occupations that use the most cannabis in Colorado

The results are not surprising, if you’ve ever worked in these industries.

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Outdated, sagging Colorado schools get $300 million boost from pot sales, other taxes

“I don’t care where the money comes from, if we get a new school, I’m for it,” said Hayley Whitehead, a Deer Trail graduate who works as the district’s administrative assistant.

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Marijuana tax money lets Manitou Springs fix potholes, bankroll bigger improvement projects

In advocating “pot for potholes,” recreational marijuana proponents promised a potent new revenue source for tackling a familiar urban headache. But in Manitou Springs, the only Pikes Peak region community so far to permit recreational pot shops, the cash infusion has meant more than road repairs.

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Hemp Construction Material


Hemp, used from ancient occasions until it had been banned in early last century, has more uses than nearly every other naturally sourced substance.  After a little thorough research, yes, it is the super plant the world must utilize to be able to cut our reliance on non-renewable fuels along with other oil-based items.  In Roman occasions, hemp was utilized in mortar between bricks in construction projects, and lots of of individuals structures and streets survive even today.  Going for a signal from your technological forebears, modern construction techniques are researching using hemp in building materials.  Hemp materials when coupled with lime can produce a building material that actually works being an excellent thermal insulator and acoustic barrier that’s seven occasions more powerful than concrete.  In addition this hemp/lime mix has greater elasticity than traditional concrete which causes it to be a far more ideal material to be used in areas which are vulnerable to earthquakes along with other disasters.  You will find studies in England, France and Germany which have built test houses and therefore are pushing for any greater volume of projects.

The British study, carried out through the BRE Center for Innovative Construction Materials in the College of Bath, has embarked on the three year study from the hemp/lime composite and located that it’s a viable building material.  The product was produced by a French chemist.  Madame France Perier have been using hemp oil for cancer of the skin treatment when she investigated other ways to use hemp.  In those days she developed Isochanvre, a fabric that’s “flame-proof, non-toxic, 1/9 the load of cement concrete, has excellent insulation qualities, unpalatable to rats, termites or bugs, and it is flexible and powerful. Due to its strength and versatility it’s an ideal building material in areas vulnerable to cyclone and earthquakes.” Soon after its creation it had been accustomed to build several houses in Rene, France so when word of individuals spread towards the United kingdom, the BRE Center started their research program.  They have built several test houses and located that hemp-based materials have equal or higher quality to plain construction, plus they offer other benefits.  Hemp built houses develop less condensation over cooling and heating cycles which results in less water damage and mold.  Also, they cook less warmth loss.  The additional benefits originate from an environment impact.  Hemp is really a renewable resource and it has an optimistic footprint within the carbon cycle.  While growing, it soaks up carbon in the atmosphere.  In addition, hemp could be in your area acquired, because it is a plant that may be grown almost anywhere.  In comparison to regular techniques and materials, hemp items require less energy to create, create less toxic by-items, and therefore are easily recycled.

In Germany, in the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology, scientists are focusing on techniques to make use of hemp being an insulation material in structures.  Coupled with a corn-based biopolymer, this new insulation “is light, has low warmth conductivity and, because of a soda bath, satisfies fire safety rules. In addition, it easily soaks up and releases moisture, preventing harm to your building.Inch  This cool product is eco-friendly and completely biodegradable unlike much other insulation that’s according to either abs plastic, rock made of woll, or oil-derived polystyrene and memory.

You will find very couple of disadvantages to those new techniques using bio-based materials.  However, the primary objection for their common me is cost.  At this time around hemp and flax based insulation and building materials give a minimum base price of 10% to the building project.  Advocates reason that this will probably drop as large-scale production increases.  Normally, this is the situation with any cool product.  Again, hemp items could be in your area acquired, reducing costs by conserving shipping of materiel.  Around the backside from the project these items are often discarded.  Many building materials have harmful toxins and want specialized take care of disposal.  Hemp items could be recycled or disposed by incineration or compost, further reaping helpful benefits the atmosphere.

At this time China leads the planet in hemp production with 1.3 million hectares dedicated to crop growth.  They’re without doubt having to pay focus on these studies and possible future uses.  As increasing numbers of industries switch to eco-friendly assets and production, the united states will have to make changes to the laws and regulations and permit the development of the question plant.  The founding fathers depended onto it extensively and that we should too.

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