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 The National Weed Legalization Fund was established by an Army veteran as a non-profit corporation dedicated to spreading the message of the countless health benefits of medical-marijuana, especially for PTSD afflicted veterans and cancer and MS patients. The ultimate goal is to see marijuana, the “Wonder Weed”, regulated and taxed nationally, regulated by the states […]

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Marijuana Industry Needs To Become Wall Street

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The United States policy direction is largely dictated by successful industries and their lobbyists.  Once the money has the ear of the politician, favorable laws that can ensure market consistency tend to follow.  Wall Street, for example, thrives on being able to predict consistency and we all know that candidates on either side of the aisle think of New York’s financial district when drafting many laws.  While the success of our investments on Wall Street is volatile and anything but consistent, investors do not have to question if they will be open for business, or if their industry will be shut down due to federal influence.  When regulations are not working for them they simply put the pressure on Congress to help increase profits.

The idea of consistency is a tremendous hurdle for the legalized marijuana industry.  Three states will put a legalization, taxation, and regulation plan to a vote by the people this November.  According to a recent article by The Seattle Times, Washington State could see as much as 1.9 billion in new tax revenue, or they could see $0.00.  This is all contingent upon the how much interference Washington State will have from federal authorities.  However predicting the federal government’s response has been difficult at best.  Team Obama indicated they would not divert resources toward medical marijuana patients and dispensaries that are in compliance with state law.  That has not proved to be the case and many jobs and patients have become collateral damage from this change in policy direction by the White House.

This November could prove to be a turning point for the marijuana reform movement.  Even if one of the three states eligible (Colorado, Washington, Oregon) vote to legalize and regulate cannabis, the move will symbolically show the country is heading in a new direction.  While full legalization may not prevent federal agents from storming dispensaries, it could force them to think twice.  Exactly how eager is our government to prevent job/economic growth and billions in tax revenues?  We also need to take into consideration that although much of our money goes toward funding the overzealous DEA agents, as they too are on a budget.

As our article suggested yesterday, the wheels of progression cannot be stopped and eventually the federal government will not possess enough agents and dollars to continue their assault on our civil rights.  However, with any struggle the powers that be will not give up willingly and are unmoved by patient stories, youth incarcerations, and our rights as citizens.  This industry needs to ratchet up its pressure on our elected officials.  We need to demand that the will of majority is considered and that we need consistency in order to regulate and forecast how much revenue we can rely on in the worst economic period of our generation.  We need laws that protect jobs.  In the sense of political movement and protecting our interests, we need to become Wall Street.

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