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Marijuana Industry News March 22, 2013

tom ammiano

Tom Ammiano Back with New California Legalization Bill…

The lack of a statewide system in place to regulate medical marijuana has plagued California since the program’s inception in 1996.  A patchwork of legal fixes have either been implemented or proposed, but no effort, to date, has really solved the issue.  Federal authorities would likely be less motivated to conduct raids if a uniform set of laws was instituted in California.  Other states, such as Colorado have experienced far less problems with organized crime and federal interference due in large part to proper regulation at the state level.  State Assemblyman, Tom Ammiano, is trying to get a bill passed that would set up a state regulated system.  He has attempted this previously, only to find resistance from both law enforcement and activists.  Many accused his proposal of being too vague.  Mr. Ammiano is back with a new proposal and law enforcement is already issuing criticism.  The bill would have marijuana be regulated like alcohol, an idea that is clearly gaining momentum as both Colorado and Washington have passed similar laws.


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Marijuana Arrests Cost NYC One Million Police Hours During Mayor Bloomberg’s Tenure as Mayor


New York’s “Stop and Frisk”, a legal loophole used by law enforcement to defeat the spirit of the state’s marijuana decriminalization bill, has been receiving considerable media attention as of late.  Community organizers have been vocal in letting NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly know that they do not support the high arrests for small marijuana possession.  These arrests tend to target Black and Hispanic teens.  Governor Cuomo is trying to get Albany lawmakers to adopt new legislation to put an end to “Stop and Frisk”.  A new statistic will likely embolden the Governor and residents who wish to see their tax dollars put to better use.   According to the Drug Policy Alliance, New York City has spent over one million police hours pursuing marijuana arrests since Michael Bloomberg became mayor (11 years ago).   In a city as vast and populated as New York, residents are getting fed up with the direction law enforcement has taken.  Many neighborhoods are still dangerous and police may be able to utilize their time in a way that would help the city.  The relationship between police and residents has degenerated, due in large part to “Stop and Frisk.”


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Push For Medical Marijuana in Florida Gets Huge Financial Support…

Although many associate Florida with retirees, the Sunshine State is also known for its large number of indoor marijuana grows.  Even though penalty and cultivation penalties are harsh in Florida, the black market for marijuana is tremendous, especially as so many seek physical relief.  Past efforts to legalize marijuana in Florida have failed.  However, activists may find more success as they are about to be bankrolled by two top democratic fundraisers in Florida.  One the individuals is John Morgan, who recently became the chairman of the People United for Medical Marijuana-Florida.  The group has previously struggled to raise enough money to get their message out.  Kim Russell, the group’s founder recently said they “were just scraping pennies together” to get by.  John Morgan appears ready to take his successful political fundraising techniques to the group.  Earlier this week he said “I’m prepared to keep raising money and writing checks until I get the signatures to put it on the ballot.”  Political analysts are wondering how influential John Morgan’s fundraising can be, especially as he has raised considerable funds for high profile candidates, including President Barack Obama.

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Governor Cuomo Tells NY Lawmakers They Can Get a Raise if They Fix Marijuana Laws and Minimum Wage

governor cuomo

New York has been a very busy place lately in terms of politics.  Intense preparations were underway for days leading up to this week’s historic presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney at Long Island’s Hofstra University.  Conspicuously absent from the conversation were many issues including the war on drugs and poverty.

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo has been tackling some of the issues that were have been missing from the presidential bickering.  New York State lawmakers have been salivating for a raise (their last came in 1999) but the Governor told them a raise is out of the question until the working class is taken care of first.  Mr. Cuomo is has been seeking a raise to New York’s minimum wage, and has tied lawmakers salaries to getting the bill done.  Specifically the Governor said “I would not even consider, even consider a pay raise unless the people’s business was being done in a thorough, responsible way.”

The Governor has submitted a complex proposal that also shows New Yorkers he has not forgotten about his vow from the spring to enact marijuana reform.  Several months ago Governor Cuomo was mocked by lawmakers and critics who have not moved beyond the 80 year old talking points against marijuana.  However he was also applauded by those who appreciated his plan to save the state money and to fix New York’s “stop and frisk” program, which is almost exclusively carried out in NYC.  The tactics by police have been criticized by many, including neighborhood advocates who are upset that police almost always target Blacks and Hispanics in the random searches.  “Stop and Frisk” has made national headlines as it considered by many to be against the spirit of New York’s marijuana laws.  Possession of 25 grams of marijuana or less was decriminalized in the 1970s in New York.  Possession under 25 grams is supposed to result in a civil citation ticket, however police have found a way around this.  Marijuana in “open view”, even if less than 25g, can be considered a misdemeanor and carry jail time.  Often, police demand that individuals empty their pockets, and once they do officers make arrests and claim the marijuana was out in the open.

Lawmakers in NY have been slow to take up the issue.  Even as many politicians admit that “Stop and Frisk” goes against the intentions of the state’s marijuana laws, it has been rare to hear comment on the issue.  However, we are in the political season and we are glad to see the Governor engaging in the issues that Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama neglected.  There will be some more shrewd political moves to come, but none may be as interesting as what Governor Cuomo has done.  Like dangling a carrot in front of a mule, the Governor has effectively tied lawmakers salaries to future of workers and marijuana law in New York.  For the first time we expect Albany legislators to start their shift on the issue.

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Medical Marijuana Industry News September 28, 2012

chris brown

Probation Workers Find That Chris Brown Tests Positive for Marijuana…

It has been an eventful few weeks in terms of marijuana developments in regards to celebrity.  Lady Gaga publically smoked a joint onstage in Amsterdam and Fionna Apple was arrested in Texas for marijuana and hashish possession.  Enter Chris Brown.  The controversial star is again in the news.  Because of his conviction in 2009 for assaulting then girlfriend, Rihanna, Chris Brown was placed on probation for 5 years.  Mr. Brown failed a drug test in June while performing community service in Virginia.  However, the plot thickens a bit because he is medical marijuana card holder.  Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, Patricia Schnegg, said that mandatory drug tests were not a part of Chris Brown’s sentence.  The judge scolded him and said “You are not an ordinary person who can sit in your living room and do whatever you want to do.  More importantly, a lot of people look up to you, a lot of kids. What you do and what you say impacts a lot of people.”  It appears this may just be grandstanding by authorities as Brown has not officially done anything that is in direct violation of his probation.


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Momentum Building in New York State For Marijuana Reform…

Several months ago New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he was seeking to change the controversial “Stop and Frisk” tactics used primarily by NYPD officers.  Now it appears there is a growing call to institute a medical marijuana program.  New York’s closet neighbors, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Vermont now have all either passed or started medical marijuana programs.  Additionally, at a recent forum in Syracuse, many speakers came out in support of marijuana for MS patients.  The forum received considerable media coverage and could be important to changing minds of upstate New York politicians.  New York City and Long Island residents support medical marijuana with upstate residents and lawmakers a bit more on the fence.  Even though the overall population of New York supports marijuana (61%), many upstate politicians work for residents in rural areas that are divided on the issue.  The result contributes to Albany’s epic reputation for stalemate politics.  The momentum appears to be changing and New York should be joining the growing list of states with medical marijuana within a few years.


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Arkansas Upholds Ruling for Medical Marijuana To Appear on Ballot…

Medical marijuana has typically been a coastal and Midwest conversation.  However, in a testament to compassion, economics, and widespread communication, Arkansas now may become the first state to legalize medical marijuana.  The ballot initiative has been successful due in large part to the efforts of Arkansas for Compassionate Care. The group contributed significantly to gathering enough signatures to get the issue to the ballots.  This seemed to have been decided months ago, however, a group named Coalition to Preserve Arkansas Values filed a lawsuit to remove the issue from the ballot on the basis that it mislead voters.  The Arkansas Supreme Court disagreed and ruled that “We hold that it is an adequate and fair representation without misleading tendencies or partisan coloring.  Therefore, the act is proper for inclusion on the ballot at the general election on Nov. 6, 2012, and the petition is therefore denied.”  Even if voters pass the measure, there will probably be resistance from the Governor who has previously stated his opposition to the bill.  However, as Arizona Jan Brewer has found, it may be a slippery slope to challenge the will of voters.


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Albany Lady Seeks to spread out Marijuana Processing Business


New You are able to has already established much discussion regarding medicinal marijuana in the last many years. Legislation targeted at legalizing cannabis like a medication continues to be created by New You are able to Senate Health committee Chair, Tom Duane (D). A brand new turn of occasions may promote much more conversation within the Empire Condition concerning the problem.

A lady has lately introduced that they needs to begin a marijuana processing business within the Albany, NY area. Rhea Graham intends to open “Canna Kitchen and Research”, a facility which will take marijuana and convert it into a electric form. She states that they is wishing for marijuana card holders to create cannabis to her. Consequently, she’ll clean it and extract the ingredients that you can use in butter, oil, tinctures, and capsules. Monthly subscriptions will vary from $35 to $100.

Based on Graham her primary problem is to supply healthy medical options. She gets that electric options ought to be offered because “It’s much more healthy and delay pills work better for a number of conditions. For most of them just smoking the marijuana does not work.” Graham seemed to be quick to point that her facility won’t be a hangout and will also be an intensely focused business. She gets this can address abuse potential.

Although this is a fascinating development, the storyline surely won’t finish here. New You are able to shares its edges with medicinal marijuana states Nj and Vermont. However, association might not just be enough as New You are able to condition has yet to eco-friendly light a medicinal marijuana program. Although she isn’t creating the cannabis, legal challenges will probably ensue. The Linn County Da along with local information examining the legitimacy from the situation. This case does demonstrate the interest in medicinal marijuana within the country’s more populous and various states. Meanwhile, if “Canna Kitchen and Research” does open with no major legal hurdles, this facility could serve New You are able to citizens well for the moment, before (when) any legal shops open.

ABC News Funnel 9 Albany Lady Intends to Open Electric Marijuana Business

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