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Does Bernie Sanders Want to Ban Cigarettes?

Bernie Sanders has gone much further than any major presidential candidate in history in articulating the abysmal failure of marijuana prohibition. He is the only such serious contender for the Oval Office ever to say that he would not only respect states that legalize cannabis but would personally vote for an end to marijuana prohibition if it […]

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How Upgrading Your Strain And Brand Choices Can Drastically Improve Your Marijuana Experience

Whether you’re new to the weed game or a seasoned veteran, quality is everything (or, at least, it should be). Gone are the days being satisfied with an eighth delivered in a napkin—it’s time to grow up. Just like with food, music, art, and most things in our culture, your taste in Marijuana evolves as you […]


Cannabis as Totem and Connector: An Interview with Allison Ray Benavides

Allison Ray Benavides is a forty-year old mother of two little boys and lives with her husband Rob in San Diego County. Robbie is their oldest son, now aged six, and Oscar their youngest at three years old. Rob is a renowned tattoo artist, and Allison wears his art all over her body. Tall and graceful, she […]

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Ohio Attorney General Rejects Medical Marijuana Ballot Language

Efforts to put a medical marijuana measure on Ohio’s November ballot hit a snag Friday when Attorney General Mike DeWine ruled that a summary of the initiative provided by advocates is not fair and truthful. “There are a number of discrepancies between the summary and the proposed amendment,” DeWine wrote in a letter to Rob […]

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Orange County’s First Unionized Dispensary

All of the major news outlets were on hand for the public announcement of Orange County’s first medical marijuana dispensary to unionize. South Coast Safe Access workers, under the supportive guidance of ownership, voted unanimously on February 24th to join the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) Local 324. A longtime employee told Weedmaps […]

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State Legislatures Take Action on Marijuana

While most marijuana policy reform victories to date have been achieved at the ballot box via voter initiatives, lawmakers are increasingly taking action to change cannabis laws. Here are a few key upcoming state legislative developments to watch: Vermont By a vote of 17-12, the Vermont State Senate gave final approval to a bill to […]


Medical Marijuana Lobbyist Forms Group Opposing Legalization in Massachusetts

A lobbyist for Boston’s only medical cannabis dispensary has formed a campaign committee to oppose broader marijuana legalization. According to public records filed with the state Office of Campaign & Political Finance on Wednesday, the purpose of the new group, Safe Cannabis Massachusetts, is “opposition to the ballot initiative to regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol”that is expected to be voted on […]

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National Group Launches Ohio Medical Marijuana Effort

A major national organization has announced it will attempt to put a medical marijuana initiative on Ohio’s 2016 ballot. The move comes just days after a separate group behind 2015’s failed attempt to pass a measure legalizing marijuana in the state announced that it would not try again in 2016, and would instead defer to the legislature to take action on medical […]

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Canada’s Conservative Opposition Comes to Terms With Marijuana Legalization

Canada’s new Liberal prime minister plans to legalize marijuana, and the country’s Conservative opposition knows there’s very little they can do to stop it. “The new government will legalize marijuana,” Rona Ambrose, interim leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, said in a radio interview on Wednesday. “We know that.” Ambrose, who served as minister […]

Governors Raise Concerns About Marijuana Edibles

Colorado’s John Hickenlooper on Thursday became the third state governor in a week to raise serious concerns about marijuana edibles. “Back in the day, candy cigarettes desensitized kids to the dangers of tobacco – and today, pot-infused gummy bears send the wrong message to our kids about marijuana,” he said in his annual State of the […]

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